How I’m Investing My Money In Today’s Economy

How I’m Investing My Money In Today’s Economy

What’s up everybody? I am Jaspreet
Singh, and welcome to the Minority Mindset. Everyone is confused about the
economy. China is seeing their economy slow down, it looks like Germany is
already in a recession, and here in America, nobody knows what’s going on. On
one hand you have people talking about how we’re in the strongest economy ever,
with the market booming and reaching record highs, and then the very next
second, people are talking about us being on the verge of a recession. So if you’re
wondering what’s the heck you should be doing with your money right now, you’re
not alone. That’s why today I’m going to go over five things that you need to
understand, and then I’m going to go over what I’m doing with my money,
so make sure you watch this video until the end, but before we get into that, make
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new videos every single week. First: the economy moves in cycles. So this isn’t
something that I just made up, this is how the economy actually works. Our
economy moves in cycles; there are times where the economy is moving up—called
a “bull market”—and then there’s times where the economy’s coming down—called a
“bear market”. This, right here, was 2008 to 2010. During this time, nothing was
happening in the economy, the economy was at rock bottom,
nobody was buying anything, and the economy was horrible. Well, after that, the
economy pretty much went straight up. In 2019, we reached the longest growth
period in America in the history of time. Now we’re seeing major economies around
the world starting to slow down, and everybody’s wondering what’s next? Will
we keep going up higher, or will we come down, or something in between? Nobody can
predict when a recession, or a down period is gonna start, or how big it’s going
to be, but, you could pay attention to what’s happening around you, this way you
can be smart with your money. The economy that we’re living in today is not what
it was back in 2012, which is why my investing
strategy is not what it was back in 2012, which brings me to my second point: I’m
selling the things I don’t like. I invest my money differently than the majority
of people, when I invest my money I’m not investing with the goal of selling my
investment for a huge profit, I’m investing with the goal of creating
passive income. But because investment values have come so high with the help
of cheap money, I decided to sell some of my stocks that I think are overvalued.
And I also sold some real estate that was profitable, but wasn’t as profitable
as I would like it to be. Third: I’m paying close attention to
what’s happening around me. I talked about what’s happening in China, and
Germany, and right here in America—we have a very important election coming—
Donald Trump is going to base his re-election campaign based on the strength
of the economy, so you can bet that he’s going to do whatever he can to keep
money cheap, to keep interest rates low, and to keep the stock market high. Will
this work? I have no idea, only time will tell. What I do know, is that this fight
for cheap money is creating a massive debt bubble, because the Federal Reserve
cut interest rates multiple times in 2019. This makes borrowing money easier, so
consumers and businesses can borrow, borrow, and borrow some more, which is
fueling the student debt bubble, this consumer debt bubble, and this corporate
debt bubble. When the WeWork IPO drama happened back in September-October of
2019, WeWork’s valuation went from 47 billion dollars all the way down to 8
billion dollars in like a month. The only reason that’s possible is because we
have so much cheap, fake money out there. Cheap debt can be really effective when
you’re trying to encourage people to spend and stimulate an economy when
you’re in a recession. But when you’re in one of the strongest economies of all
time, all this cheap debt is creating a debt bubble, and if this bubble bursts, it’s
not going to be good. That’s why I’m keeping a close eye on what’s happening around
me, and that’s why I created the free Minority Mindset Newsletter where we
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description below. Fourth: I’m investing— in me. The stock market and real estate
market both got sliced in half after the 2008 crash, and anybody who had money
were able to come in and make a killing, even if they didn’t know what they were
doing. But the investors that did know what they were doing were able to come
in and build massive fortunes, which is why they say more millionaires are made
during recessions than during any other time. Now, to be fair, nobody knows how big
the next recession will be, when it will happen, or what will cause it. But, what we
do know is that the economy moves in cycles, and that people who have cash can
come in and scoop up these investments when they go on sale. The tricky thing is
that right now investment prices are sky high, and at the same time, savings
accounts are paying you next to nothing, so you’re sitting between a rock and a
hard place, because if you invest your money, you risk losing it because you
bought at a peak right before it came down, or if you save your money, then
you’re sitting there watching your money lose value to inflation. That’s why I’m
doing three things: first I’ve moved my savings to an online bank account,
because my online bank account has paid me many many times more than what my
traditional bank account was paying me, and if you want to learn more about who
I’m using, I’ll link some information for you in the description below.
Second: I’m more focused on growing my business than I am my investments right
now, this way I have more money when investment prices come down, and third
I’m being super picky with the investments I do make, which brings me to
the fifth thing I wanted to talk about: analyze your investments twice. Waiting
around with your arms crossed for the next recession to happen before you
invest any money might mean that you have to wait for a long, long time, and it
could mean that you lose out on a lot of upside. Investing is how people become
wealthy, and investing is how wealthy people stay wealthy. But, just because
investing is good doesn’t mean that you should just blindly throw your money
into the market, especially right now. When investment values are high, it
doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be investing, it means that you need to
spend more time learning, and more time analyzing, and more time being pickier
with your investments. I’m still looking for investment deals but, I’m only buying
steals, I’m not buying things the way I was five
or six years ago. If you are a newer investor, this is the
perfect time for you to try a short-term strategy, like the growth stock strategy,
you might have heard me talk about, or real estate wholesaling, this way you can
learn the way that investing works, and you can do this without taking on a
whole bunch of risk, and you can do this without tying up your money in the
market for a long time. You’re doing something and trying to flip it within a
shorter amount of time, this way you can see how the process works, and if you
want to learn more about real estate wholesaling, you can read a free ebook by
a partner on real estate wholesaling, and I’ll link it for you in the description
below. Now, I want to hear your thoughts; what are you doing with your money right
now? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for watching, if you enjoyed this
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100 thoughts on “How I’m Investing My Money In Today’s Economy

  1. WISH YOUR WEBSITE was available back in the 1970-80 decade, when we were working & had disposable income ! (Hmmm….no internet or personal computers back then – I forgot !) ANYHOW, as retirees living on Social Security, our "investment window" is pretty narrow (maybe even "closed"). SO, we concentrate on our kids' inheritance: a house paid-for "free & clear", an economy car, and a couple vacant residential lots. NOT MUCH, but all we can do now. (Anybody have a "time machine" ? Nice to go back – with the knowledge we have NOW !)

  2. Market went way up twice: 1st when Trump was elected because he is big business friendly and again when he passed the new business tax break bill. If a Democrat takes White House I expect a big correction. Stay ready with cash.

  3. Spending more time learning is key! Don't just hoard your cash, but instead be strict about your investment criteria.

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  5. Stock market and housing market is extremely overpriced. Gold and silver is extremely undervalued.

    When this downturn happens they will reverse in purchasing power. Then you buy up the cheap assets for cash flow like real-estate and land.

    Too easy. These asset classes are cyclic in nature.

    This is also a Robert Keyosaki approach. It works.

  6. That's right, I maybe way ahead of being super picky of what online service to invest my money but at the same time don't won't to wait too long of my money that I save up losing to inflation.

  7. Hey guys a lot of you are saying precious metals………….
    This is a flawed train of thought, metals aren’t worth anything. Just because something is shiny doesn’t mean it’s valuable.

  8. As a novice, I’m just investing in index funds for long term. Will soon be starting to invest in other stocks and assets.
    PS – thanks for inspiring.

  9. I really needed to hear this today.. I have been thinking all this week what I should do with my money, if I should buy or if I should hold on to it..
    Thanks for your tips,
    Always good to see how other people do with there investment in this times.

  10. The more you know the less risk you take. I’m personally investing in dividend ads and investing in new companies.

  11. Great advice. I'm still trying to figure out what's conservative for me since I'm still a new investor. I'm still buy, and still looking for properties at a 15% discount because i'm also a buy and hold investor. Listened to the most recent Bigger Pockets podcast and they talked about factoring in return on equity in your equation of keeping a house. I gotta explore that more.

  12. Right now I’m working towards paying off all of my debt. No sense in investing when my returns would be less than my credit card interest rates.

  13. Selling bits of real estate in the UK to invest in USA. Also gone 50% etfs and 50% normal stocks to make the risk lower. Then building my business savings to invest later in the year, in either a new business purchase or a run down piece of real estate depending on the market.

  14. Thanks Jaspreet. Your explanation is excellent. Wish you would run for president, or be appointed SEC of the treasury or FED chairman. I am troubled as to what to do. I am retired and fully expect not only a recession, but a great recession or even a mini depression that will last a long long time. On the other hand I fear that we may see inflation such as the 1970s or even worse. A lot depends on politics. It seems most of the sane, reasonable and rational minds, are either absent or are being out shouted by radicals on the left and the radicals on the right. Unfortunately the radicals have the supporting audiences.

  15. The deferred lifeplan is bad, do what you wanna do now, you wont starve and dont wait for stuff you wanna do

  16. Being a lawyer you don't have this problem but what if you have a low income(20k annual)? I understand bettering your skills to get the snowball rolling. I'm working on it, but in the meantime…save for a down payment/full in cash for a rental profit or invest in dividend stocks?

  17. I saved up 10k in my savings account for emergencies, funded it through direct deposit at work, $250 per paycheck, the remainder went to my checking account for bills. Things were tight for a bit, but I made do by cutting back on the unnecessary. When I hit my goal of 10k, I reduced the deposit amount to $50, the other $200 went into a cash account at fidelity. It currently sits at $1200, and I’ve purchased my first two stocks. (5 shares of SCI and 2 shares or Apple.) I want to build myself a good war chest of cash for when the recession hits, hopefully I’ll be able to score some deals.

  18. I'm currently holding my money but that is due to the fact that I can't access em right now without paying a $6 fee to my bank and I refuse to give my bank money for nothing specially since we've already given em billions in taxpayer founded bailouts

  19. People will never know what will happen to the market! Don't time the market. Love your content. Wish my channel will one day be as big as yours. Great content my man!

  20. I’m still keeping the majority of my investments in good growth stocks and in dividend aristocrats for the long term. However I’m currently building my cash position so when the next recession hits I’ll be able to scoop up some awesome deals!

  21. Hay Jaspreet…big fan here. I saw a article in the Bloomberg new about the Jamaican Stock market being the best stock market for the past two years. Im a Jamaican born, so do you think is good to start investing in this stock market. let me know what you think

  22. My investment strategy is to buy stocks that provide dividends and fliping houses because intrests rates are so low.

  23. How to make a a small fortune. Invest in stocks when high, and when a major epidemic will tank world economy. Course, you will need a large fortune to do this.

  24. I bought a couple raw acres in an area that is set for urban home development. I'm saving to make it house land ready. Also the county has had some large businesses move in that hires thousands.yeet😊 I also love love love this area.

  25. I lowered the percentage of what I have in the market. Heavy on reserves ready to purchase deals when they pop up. The last stock I purchased was Apple when Warren Buffett purchased it.

  26. Im mainly investing into myself by buying books, courses, my business, etc. Im investing in growth stocks (low cap stocks) with high potential to grow, and i have money in a high yield savings which I'm earning 1.7% APY (Capital One)

  27. Hi Jaspreet. As always, extremely informative video! You want to know what I am doing with my moola? I will tell you, EXACTLY what I am doing. So, for my day, to day expenses, I have a good amount in a Capital One savings account. This is giving me a fairly decent interest rate at 1.7% The majority of my money is actually invested in an Acorns portfolio. I am in the "Moderately Aggressive" portfolio. This has a great mix of both large and small company stocks, emerging market stocks, and real estate stocks. This part of the portfolio, I find, to be awesome for pretty much, the day to day. For more of the long term and legacy wealth part, we have a portion of it in the government and corporate bonds sectors. Acorns (for the most part) gives dividends on a monthly basis. On a quarterly basis, even more securities pay out. I am doing so well with it, that recently, I have decided to take a small amount out of my Acorns, and put it into RobinHood, so that I can buy a little bit of Disney stock. As referenced in the news, Disney is a growing company, as they are currently expanding their theme parks, Disney+ is growing by the day, etc… I have been studying wealth, and wealth management for quite some time now, so, I am very comfortable with my successful strategy. Indeed, cash flow income generating property is definitely on the horizon! Have a great day!

  28. It is called Demographics. The Boomers are retired or about to, so their purchases are less. The following generations will be the ones buying the new cars, move up houses or their first house & all that goes with them. As a retired boomer, I am saving my money now, so when the next downturn hits, I will have cash to invest when things are on sale.

  29. I am currently doing several things with my money and financial lifestyle. Last month, I got rid of my new car and bought a used one. In two months it will be paid off. For the moment, I’m investing 200 dollars a week into my stock portfolio while the rest of my money is paying off my car. Once that is over I will have no debt(besides my house which I do not consider to be debt) and 90% of my money will go into my stock account while the other 10% will go into my high yield savings account until I feel it is sufficient enough.

  30. With interest rates so low, stocks or real estate ( Jaspreet's favorite ) are the only games. That being said what you pick is what saves or destroys you. Down turns and bear markets will happen but with interest rates low people will borrow to start businesses and purchase homes/buildings.

  31. I love watching you Jaspreet. You are informative and entertaining. But even more important you are motivating. I agree with most everything you say, and I applaud you.

  32. I don't have the funds to invest in myself, currently have 0 in my savings. So how could I start? I live paycheck to paycheck but don't know where or how to start? Someone please help me start somewhere!

  33. Investing in myself and my YouTube channel. I want to bring more quality content just like you. You finally gave me the courage to start making videos. Keep up the good work!

  34. Jaspreet, I am hoping you read my comments & recommendations. You deserved it. I will keep my eye open for you at various conferences related to management & investment. Peace out

  35. Gotta admit i put a good chunk into crypto and its by far out passed every thing else. My only regrets are not being aggressive enough

  36. I have a watchlist and at every paycheck I look what great companies are on sale. That is how I invest. I am not a scientist and it's not rocket science. No you not need a financial advisor. You need to keep your money. Pay yourself first! Stop giving your money away with fees and credit cards.

  37. 1) Buy VTSAX (or another low cost all market U.S. index fund) and keep adding money on a regular basis. 2) NEVER touch the money no matter what the market does and KEEP ADDING MONEY. 3) 5-7 years before you plan on taking any money out adjust your asset allocation to 50% VTSAX and 50% bonds to limit volatility. Your done!

  38. I've been watching your videos for 4 Years now. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to save more and start investing.

  39. When I invest in stocks I make sure they’re not cash strapped, I analyze the reports, read all news articles related on them, and make sure they can weather a possible recession. I think longterm, buy & hold.

  40. Thank you Jaspreet bai your videos are very informative.
    But don’t forget to teach people that money is not everything, saving can be used for humanitarian work And help.

  41. I am Wasting it all my money … but now i will start listening to your advices and books …Thank you … Subscribed!!!

  42. Hello, I started my online banking in 2018 at $10 a month. Also I have a investment account which os doing well but I'm concern about the market…my question is should I move it or stick it out. Also I have a rental property how can benefit from that. Would this be considered a

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