How I Make Money | How To Start Your Side Hustle | Aja Dang

How I Make Money | How To Start Your Side Hustle | Aja Dang

hey everyone its Asia dang I was hoping
with this video I would have like a brand-spanking-new background but as you
can see over there in that corner this have not really been working out too
well for interior designs sake I wanted to do this video right now actually
because my next budget video I’m hoping if everything goes right is going to be
a pretty big budget video with huge news so I wanted to do this video because one
I feel like I have a lot of new followers hey everyone i’m aja there’s a
lot of questions about my budget specifically what my income means but
also a lot of you guys have been asking me tips about side hustles so i figured
out this video can kind of encompass that all how I make money and how you
can make extra money so that’s what this video is all right so let’s talk about
revenue streams um my budget as always is going to be in the description box a
lot of you guys like I said always ask me what each line of my income means so
let’s just break that down before I talk about side hustles Google is Adsense
that is the money I get per month when you see an ad in a banner or see an ad
before when my videos that is what Google means if you have a youtube
channel that qualifies for Adsense make sure you turn that shit on honestly
until it wasn’t until December of 2017 that I didn’t have my Adsense on I
wasn’t making any money so that’s an extra like 12 to $2,000 a month
depending on how successful my videos are how often I post so that is honestly
easy money it is a manual button now that you have to press so when you go to
your video hit the monetization button and make sure that it’s enabled if you
don’t do it manually it’s not going to turn on by itself so make sure you do
that now the next thing on my line is YouTube
YouTube means all of my paid advertising content and that isn’t just with YouTube
it is with Facebook it is with Twitter it is with Instagram for YouTube if you
check my description box of any video it will say whether the video is sponsored
it will either say thanks to Squarespace for working with me on this video which
they are by the way so hello with Twitter Instagram or Facebook it needs
to have either hashtag add or hashtag sponsored in the caption paid
sponsorships is where most of my income comes from the next line is commercial
work a lot of you guys may have seen some of my commercial the difference
between my social media content and my commercial content is social media
content the brand’s pay me for me they pay me because I am age ding and they
align with me in some reason and they want me to talk about the product
commercials are paying me as an actress or as a model they are not paying me for
aja debt with commercial work I have to go in I have to audition the content
that you see on television or in magazines or online is not mine
I didn’t think about it I didn’t shoot it I didn’t edit it I am there I’m paid
to be there as a model as an actor a lot of you guys asked me about commercial
work and I have to tell you it is not easy if you want a side hustle I would
never recommend doing commercial work for every yes and every audition that I
get there are about 20 or 30 nodes that I have to go through for every one role
there’s about 5,000 or so or a billion other la ladies that look just like you
auditioning for the same type of role so I haven’t gotten cast in a commercial in
a really really really long time I think the last time I was actually shooting
may have been in January so it’s July now so if that was my main source of
income I would seriously be struggling but personally I really love doing
commercial work I don’t want to be an actor I don’t want to be in movies
but I’ve just been doing this kind of stuff since I was in Middle School in
high school so going on auditions when I have time I really enjoy and when I book
it it’s really amazing but it’s not for everyone so you really really really
need to think about whether commercial work is right for you next we have
PayPal Poshmark and Amazon PayPal and Amazon are mostly affiliate links so
again if you have a youtube channel definitely start using affiliate links I
don’t get paid a lot of money just because I don’t normally talk about
products I normally just talk about experiences but anytime I am able to
connect products that I talk about to an affiliate link I’ll do that to get a
small Commission every time someone clicks the link or follows through and
purchases something so you know like I said passive Commission it’s really nice
a couple hundred dollars a month Poshmark is where I sell my clothes or
some beauty products I used to I tried deep hop for like one sale and I did not
like it at all I’ve been using Poshmark for a couple
years now the thing I like about Poshmark
is that you can negotiate your price and I put things on Poshmark not really to
make a lot of money and I just do it to give people good deals on stuff that I
just have lying around and want to get rid of but if you want to do it
seriously I’m told that deep hop is more for your higher end stuff and Poshmark
is just for your other stuff I loved PayPal Amazon and Poshmark
all into one group just because they’re virtually all the same thing and I don’t
make that much money individually from them so just clumping
them all together is easier finally dog-walking so I dog walk or a dog sit
with an app called Rover it is an app that I’ve personally used with my dogs
and once I started to think about side hustles I could do I decided to apply to
Rover as a dog walker for me the process was really easy I filled out the
questionnaire I sent in some pictures and that was that they do background
checks make sure you’re not crazy or that
you’re stealing dogs or responsible but I would say that it’s a pretty easy
process if you want to join a Rover a dog walking app I’d recommend kind of
checking out the prices of the people around your area and starting a little
lower so you can start building up your clientele and then once you build up and
get a lot of reviews and some good stars then you can raise your prices I used to
do a lot of dog sitting but now that we’ve been moving and I’ve been
traveling and I’ve been working a lot I just haven’t had the time to accept as
many clients as I used to now it comes to the question of how do you build your
side hustle listen you’re watching this video because you want to make more
money you want to pay down your debt you want to be financially free so let’s
figure out ways for you to make that side hustle happen first thing you need
to think of is how much time do you have how much time can you commit to your
side hustles without burning out on top of your main hustle luckily there’s a
ton of apps that I would recommend that not only make it easy and flexible to
your schedule but are also pretty fun and depending on what the app is you
could charge a lot of money obvious ones I talked about Rover that’s grey lyft
uber those are great personally I use lyft
I still think Ober is hella sketchy so I just feel safe safer and lyft has
grabbed it I’ve talked about TaskRabbit before I was once a TaskRabbit or it is
basically an app where you can go on and hire anyone to do anything you want
whether it’s manual labor like moving or putting together IKEA furniture or an
assistant for one night or what I did was I did some assistant work I would
pick up things like people who needed their medication but couldn’t leave the
house I would do that and I also edited videos and I transcribed audio so those
are the things I did on TaskRabbit honestly there are tasks
that charge a lot of money think about things that you’re good at and then
TaskRabbit I’m sure has like a little lane for you so there are a lot of
on-demand apps to choose from post mates is another one just honestly go through
your phone look at all the on-demand apps that you personally use all the
time and that’s probably a good place to start next think about what you want to
do what do you want to do with your life what do you love to do for me I love
dogs I love my dogs so being a dog sitter was kind of just a natural choice
do you like to organize and do you like to clean maybe you go into people’s
homes and organize their shit are you an awesome Baker maybe do a side hustle of
you selling cookies and cakes online do you left a secondhand shop I just came
back from the flea market and there’s this really dope dude that buys things
from second-hand stores and then reso’s them to make something new dope side
hustle there is a side hustle for everyone and if you want a new main
hustle or if you’re looking for a main job starting a side hustle and growing
that slowly will definitely get you there so that’s why I think you should
do something that you love if you don’t like driving around don’t work for live
if you don’t like delivering stuff too hungry mean people don’t work for post
meats think about what your skills are and let’s utilize them now once you
figure out what you want your side hustle to be you need a website even if
you work for an app like rover if you want to build out your side hustle into
your main hustle you cannot live on apps for the rest of your life you need to
start making your own business so even at the very bottom of your site hustle
get your domain girl start building your Squarespace website I mean most of the
people that you will end up working with will probably find you online through a
Google search or through Yelp so you need to build out your website so while
it’s good to start off on an app that’s where you can get your main
like that’s where you can start building your client base you need to move on
past that eventually also don’t pay someone to build out your website you
can do it yourself when I was hosting a television host I paid someone 2,000
goddamned dollars to build a website that I could have easily done myself and
I didn’t I paid him that much money because I didn’t know I had the ability
to do it myself but I keep on kicking myself in the ass
because I paid him a lot of fucking money to do something that I could have
done on my own don’t be scared of building your own website
Squarespace would I use from my own personal website makes it so easy so
user friendly where space has great customer service I’ve used them a lot
during my building of my websites over the years they have a ton of themes to
choose from I’ve gone through maybe four or five themes throughout my Squarespace
website career and you can reconfigure those things really easy so like I said
everything is really user friendly I’ve done it on my own and anytime that I am
stuck figuring out something with my new website I just call customer service and
they fix it pretty much immediately I am actually going to launch a new
Squarespace website when I launch my new side hustle hopefully around December so
if you are interested in seeing the process of building out a website let me
know in the comments and I can show you guys that when I do that website so
until then if you want to test out Squarespace remember I do have a
discount code you get a free one-week trial on Squarespace calm and once
you’re ready to purchase you get 10% off using the code aja ding so just go to
Squarespace comm slash aja day and you get 10% off play with all the different
themes play with the fonts and all the colors and all that stuff and then
before that week is up see if that’s the type of website that you want and then
go ahead and purchase it you got it super-easy I really recommend it the
only way for you to really catapult your side hustle into your main hustle is
again you need to build your online presence and a website is a really great
way to do that similarly I think getting business cars made is equally as
important just have your name contact info website because you’re gonna have a
website and then maybe like your Instagram or your Facebook or whatever
account that you think most represents you go ahead and add that onto your
business card as well when I think of the importance of having a business card
I think about Coachella two years ago you’re probably thinking Asia I thought
you hate Coachella yeah well that’s why I haven’t been back since
however Brian and I had this lyft driver that drove us from our house to
Coachella and he had a business card he gave it to me and said listen if you
need me here’s my personal information go ahead and call me guess what we left
the festival like three hours early but it was impossible to get a lift it was
impossible to get uber the line was seriously around Southern California it
was crazy so I called him up personally and he ended up being our personal
driver for the rest of the weekend and guess what he got a hundred percent of
that money because he didn’t go through the app so he saw an opportunity gave me
his contact information and expanded his client base and finally capitalized on
the clients you already have you are a dog walker go above and beyond what any
other dog walker would you when I dog sit I make sure to take really really
great pictures of their dogs when they’re with me that’s something that I
think stands me apart from the rest when you make your clients feel special there
they will share those experiences with their friends and your client base will
expand in order to figure out your side hustle figure out what you’re good at
figure out what you love build your website
make business cards both of those will help build your client base and then
also make your current clients feel special those are my four tips as to how
your how you will build and start your site hustle all right that is it a
fairly hopefully quick overview on a lot of different topics so if you have any
questions let me know in the comments if you want me to show you how to build a
website let me know in the comments if you want me to tell you how to turn your
side hustle into your main hustle let me know in the comments
I hope the earlier part of this video clear clarified a couple things about my
budget but yeah that’s it I’m a Jane thanks so much for watching I’ll see you
guys next time bye

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