29 thoughts on “How I Made $12,000 in 20 Days (Make Money Online)

  1. Hi sir….. I am from India…. I am your subscriber…. I like your way of Investing and profit making….. other than that I am a fresher to stock market….. Apart from that I am 100 percent willing to learn from you…. please help me as a mentor… please guide me….. Give me your watsapp number…. otherwise I will give mine….. please guide me

  2. Let’s say; for example, if i shorted a stock and it increases a significant amount and i decided to stop loss and “be wrong” but it drops way down afterwards. How do i get over this feeling of “opportunity loss”?

  3. Yesterday I was trading on the E-mini and it crashed but I didn't wanted to be wrong so I didn't sold the contracts now because of that I lost $6000 lucky it was only a simulated account.
    Love your video's
    Shout out in Belgium

  4. Great results Clay! You are right, daytrading is not risky with the right mindset and strategy. Im going to start part time daytrading next week again. Can't wait!

  5. How much capital do you use to trade in your account? Do you ever withdraw earnings or do you leave it in the account?

  6. Nice numbers for sure. How long did it take you to make these kind of trades? 10 Years? 15 years? Did you ever use a free account starting out? Do you recommend using a free account to start with verses a money account? You're awesome! I'm sort of a hands on guy. Watching a bunch of video is great. But my highest skill of learning comes when I'm able to actually trade a real time account, live. Information just does not soak in as well as it does when it is hands on.

  7. I get 9300 roundabout how do you get 12000 ? or was that your gross total before commission ? had you not made that 5365 it would of taken 10 days for you to break even for that loss of 2688.
    Had you not had the big loss and the big win your daily average was 337 per day. your theroy about not being able to win 20 days in a row gambling in a casino is incorrect, for most people yea its correct, my best winning streak was winning 68 out of 72 days in one casino playing baccarat but i had a stratigy and that was betting against people when they where on a loosing streak. I did this flat betting 100 a hand no doubling up just single 100 bets, my average was a little lower than yours but i never had to risk more than 100 every bet with a daily max of 300 in total.
    You and I have a skill and a stratigy and you and I also know its not a walk in the park by any means. What im intrested in is how you caculate whether the investment you make on a single trade is going to go up at any point and sustain that trend for the duration of your investment before you place that buy, and the reason im asking this is because when i see you trading and when i see you investing more if your first buy didnt go well into your second or third buy i wonder how the results would turn out if you where flat buying on every trade ?

  8. hey can someone help me i watched this free training overnightfreedom.net abou new secret affiliate marketing strategy and i want to know your opinion ..Thanks

  9. Evening Clay. Rick from the UK here. I've been practicing for just over 4 months. I'm trying to find a broker which doesnt ask for a big deposit as I'd like to start off small. Can I send you screenshots and whether you think I could improve? Many thanks Clay and keep killing it!

  10. Hey Clay I see your channel blew up recently and while I understand you have new viewers that like this kind of stuff and it gets more views and conversions to your business, please consider putting out some more advanced stuff for us older viewers and advanced traders as well 😉

  11. Also did you get a degree in finance or something before you started. We'd love to see your life story or how you ended up here.

  12. stock markets are unpredictable and because of this thought, i believe it's gambling, but technology makes it a science.

  13. @claytraders thanx for this amazing video,really enjoyed it. I remember watching one of your webinars and you mentioned a book on how to setup a stocks scanner,was wondering were I could buy it?

  14. i like how you start the period with a nice loss, really shows how you are adding realistic p/l together. love it clay continue crushing it!(:

  15. What im intrested in is how you caculate whether the investment you make on a single trade is going to go up at any point and sustain that trend for the duration of your investment before you place that buy ? I hope my terminoligy is correct.

  16. To earn that 12k in 20 days, how much are you risking?

    The dollar amount is relative. 12k is significant on a small net worth over that time period, but based on a large net worth it may not be. Nonetheless, profit is profit however, I am curious of your net worth even if you can respond with a ballpark range that would be great.

  17. Hi clay, I'm new to trading, I want to join your community but before I do, what type of computer do I need for it? Right now I'm currently trading from my phone.

  18. With tax season coming up, could you do a video about how taxes and day trading work? I don’t think a lot of people understand that day trading is taxed different then those that put money in stocks for a longtime investment. Or just don’t understand how it’s taxed. I think would be an interesting video.

  19. Hey Clay. I really want to be a trader it is so interesting and funny for a normal job. I've just turned 15 years young and I've said to my mom it's a really lucky and perfect time for me to invest money and start a carrier. My mom really don't want me to because I'm too young and it is not secure to manage your own income like that. I live in Denmark and education is actually free that's why I'm not allowed to buy your class. You are much more experienced and wiser than me in this market. Can you make a video where you explain my problem to convince my mom so I can spend money in this. Or write back a mail to: [email protected] I'll always stay followed:D

  20. Beaver = be or stay at the Airbnb or the lake with the woods. My friend – the beaver. Happy days in Oregon. 😉

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