How Big Foundations Wage War on YOU!

How Big Foundations Wage War on YOU!

so every criminal investigator knows
that if you want to understand the deep state you have to follow the money you
want to understand any crime you follow the money and so we talked about
following the money and we led of course to George Soros is one of the very
important people but aside from George Soros there’s this huge huge network of
mega wealthy deep state money men and I don’t want to talk so much about the
wealthy deep state money men today we’ll deal with more of them at a future date
we’ll do one on the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and you know some of these
other mega mega wealthy deep state money people but I want to talk about one of
the key tools that they use to advance their objectives and to stash all their
cash and these are the huge foundations okay so what what happens here is these
deep state money men people like George Soros for example he’s been convicted of
insider trading is a good example they make all this money they loot all
this money from humanity using different schemes insider trading is one obvious
one and then they stash all this money in tax-exempt foundations where they
don’t have to pay taxes on it so the Soros puts his money in the Open
Society Institute right then you have Bill Gates who puts his money in the
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation you have of course the Rockefeller
Foundation’s where the Rockefeller oil dynasty hides a lot of their money then
you have the Ford Foundation which has since been hijacked by deep state
radical leftist maniacs you have the Carnegie Foundation and many many others
like this right they take all this money and then they use it they weaponize this
money against the American people so the Gates Foundation for example was one of
the top in fact the top other than tax payers financier of the common core the
the nationalization and the dumbing down further Deming down I should say of our
education system before that you had obviously the Rockefellers and the
Carnegie’s playing a major role in education and we’ll come back to that
through their foundations then you have the Soros foundation go back and watch
our Soros video which is one of our popular ones you know the Soros
foundation then goes out in funds Occupy Wall Street and it funds riots and black
lives matter and Catholics for choice you know Catholics for abortion is a
subversion of churches promoting globalism all these different things
you know there have been several congressional investigations and reports
coming out of these activities and they’re worth taking a look at so in
2014 there was a really really interesting report that came out of the
Senate Environment Committee and it exposed this network of foundations it
referred to it as a the billionaire’s Club and they argued in this report that
this billionaire’s Club literally created the green movement so this
explosive 92 page study called the chain of Environmental Command how a club of
billionaires and their foundations control the environmental movement and
Obama’s EPA now you know will talk a little bit more about this report but we
need to recognize it’s not just the environmental movement right it’s all
these different movements feminism right was bankrolled by the Rockefeller
Foundation so many of these movements that we’re told are just grassroots
uprisings of Americans demanding justice above absolute baloney these are
grassroots in name only right there astroturf movements that are financed by
the billionaire’s Club but I think this one exposing how they’ve got their
fingerprints all over the environmental movement will really show you how they
work so I want to give you some quotes for
quotes from there they say that this a billionaires Club is a close-knit
network of like-minded funders environmental activists and government
bureaucrats who specialized in manufacturing phony grassroots movements
and promoting bogus propaganda disguised as science and news to spread an anti
fossil energy message to the unknowing public and one of the really interesting
things they showed in this report is that first of all they’ll fund the
production of you know phony studies then they’ll disseminate their
propaganda through propaganda outlets that they also fund like Mother Jones
magazine or Huffington Post things like this that are also on the dole of the
billionaire’s Club here’s one example that came out of the report they said
quote in one example a story reporting on a Park Foundation supported
anti-fracking study was reproduced by a park funded news organization through a
park funded media collaboration where it was then further disseminated on Twitter
by the maker of a park backed anti-fracking movie so that’s direct
from the report right it gives you some sense of how artificial this all is
right and then CNN fake news picks it up and and acts like it’s a legitimate news
story some of the organizations that they identified in the Senate report
from two at 14 the Rockefeller Brothers fund the
Schmitt Family Foundation which was created by the head of Google Eric
Schmidt right a regular Bilderberg attendee Council on Foreign Relations
he’s tied with then you have the Heinz Family Foundation right controlled by
Secretary of State former Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife another one they
mentioned is the sea-change foundation and we’ve done some reporting on this
recently because they were funding all these ridiculous green groups at the UN
summit and one of the things that they didn’t want to tell you at the UN or
anywhere else is that the sea-change foundation in addition to getting all
this money from the billionaire’s Club is also getting money from the Kremlin
now that’s interesting isn’t it yeah so the the Congress found out that
money was going from the Kremlin to a shell corporation registered in Bermuda
called Klein limited and then climb limited would launder this money and
send it along to the sea change foundation which would launder it some
more and then distribute it to so-called green organizations in the United States
that all demand you know global slavery global carbon taxes keep all the energy
in the ground make Americans poor take away all our Liberty etc etc right so
they use these phony tax-deductible charitable contributions and you know
this is interesting too because in the report they talked about this might even
be a legal violation they funnel all this money into these 501c3 tax-exempt
foundations that are supposed to be for educational purposes or philanthropic
purposes they’re not supposed to be allowed to lobby to get involved in the
political process to a medal in elections and yet what these 501c3
foundations are doing that are funded by these billionaires they then funnel that
money that they got tax-exempt into 501 C 4 organizations that do lobby and that
do campaign for candidates and they do get involved promoting deep state backed
government policies now in the report they actually argue that there’s the
potential that this dark money has been in violation of US law you know they’re
there they’re influencing elections using these shady foundations and 501 C
3 corporations but of course this is nothing new and the Congress knows it
right back in 1952 our Congress got really suspicious that all these big
foundations supposedly funded by capitalists we’re running around
promoting communism and collectivism there’s a last night good so they set up
the Select Committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations
and comparable organization this was also known as the Cox committee and then
later the Reese committee and some of the tasks that they were charged with
was to look into these foundations and why they seem to be supporting communism
turns out they were some more tea supporting communism but it was even
worse than members of Congress had realized at first the guy who led a lot
of these investigations is name was Norman Dodd he was the head of research
the staff director for this committee he had a really interesting dealing with
the president of the board foundation president Rowan and Geithner and so
after he was assigned to run this investigation guy third call up the him
into his office and actually explained to him that what they were doing was
ordering a obeying directives that were coming out of the White House you know
deep state operatives in the White House and they were trying to so alter life in
the United States that it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union
don’t take my word for it here is mr. Dodd explaining this all for himself
check this out whoever is uncovered was a determination
of these large endowed foundations through their trustees to actually get
control over the content of American education there’s quite a bit of
publicity given to your conversation with Rowan Gaither would you please tell
us who he was and what was that conversation we had with round Gator was
at that time president of the Ford Foundation and mr. Gator had sent for me
when I found it convenient to be in New York asked me to call upon him at his
office which I did and on arrival after a few amenities mr. Gator said mr. Dodd
we’ve asked you to come up here that’s today because we thought that possibly
off the record you would tell us why the Congress is interested in the activities
of foundations such as ourselves and before I could think of how I would
reply to that statement mr. gathird then went on voluntarily and stated he said
mr. Dodd all of us have a hand and the making of policies here have had
experience either with the OSS during the war or European economic
administration after the war we’ve had experience operating under directives
and these directives emanate and did emanate from the White House now we
still operate under just such directives would you like to know what the
substance of these directives is suggest me together I’d like very much to know
whereupon he made this statement of me namely mr. dog we operate on set similar
in response to similar directives the substance of which is that we shall use
our grant-making power so to all their life in the United States that it can be
comfortably merged with the Soviet Union well parenthetically mr. Griffin I
nearly fell off the chair I of course it didn’t but I would
response to mr. gage that then was Oh mr. gay sir
I can now answer your first question you force the Congress of the United States
to spend $150,000 to find out what you just told me
so why don’t you tell us what I said of course lega Li you’re entitled to make
grants for the with this purpose but I don’t think you’re entitled not withhold
that information from the people of the country doom you’re indebted for your
tax exemption so why don’t you tell the people of the country with what you told
me and his answer was we would not think of doing any such thing so then I said
well mr. Gator obviously you forced the Congress to spend this money in order to
find out what you just told me so the final report from this organization
would blow your mind you should get a copy of it and read it they they try to
get rid of his makeup as they could incredible information in here and so
what this report found was that these foundations were promoting
internationalism and moral relativism they said quote some of the larger
foundations have directly supported subversion in the true meaning of that
term namely the process of undermining some of our vitally protective concepts
and principles the report also said quote they have actively supported
attacks upon our social and governmental system and financed the promotion of
socialism and collectivist ideas they said these foundations had used the
education system to bring about what the report described as oligarchical
collectivism right for you people for laymen’s out there who don’t know what
that means can’t blame you right but this is
essentially collectivism ruled by an oligarchy right
I think Soviet Union think Communist China
thank you be’ right basically totalitarian collectivism run by an
oligarchy and in this report they concluded that they’re actually already
had been a revolution they said the revolution was in the past tense that
had happened before and that it never would have been possible unless quote
education in the United States had been prepared in advance to endorse it in the
final report they said that these foundations had quote supported a
conscious distortion of history they said they were propagandizing blindly
for the United Nations as the only hope for the world one of the experts they
quoted was an attorney Aaron Sargent who had a background in
special investigations especially education and
subversion and he was quoted as saying this movement is closely related to
Fabian socialism he said quote they sought to create a black out of history
by slanting and distorting historical facts
he said they introduced a new and revolutionary philosophy one based on
the teachings of John Dewey and if you don’t remember John Dewey go back and
watch our our episode on education this is really the architect of the so-called
public school system that today is dumbing down and indoctrinating our
children they used two key foundations to do the education hijacking the
Carnegie Foundation was one of them Carnegie of course was literally
controlled by the Soviet Union right at one point I was run by Soviet agent
Algar his– who who represented the United States at the founding of the
United Nations we actually put him in prison because he was working for Stalin
at the time and so they focused on the International education basically
globalizing the indoctrination system meanwhile the Rockefeller Foundation’s
were in charge of the domestic education scene so they financed people like John
Dewey in his experimental school at the University of Chicago and later his
scheming over at the University of Columbia University now aside from
controlling the education system and in fact one of the ways they got control of
the education system was through securing control of the entire money
supply this happened back in 1913 when they were able to get the Federal
Reserve Act passed into law so in a different interview that last interview
that I just showed you that was an interview with G Edward Griffin who at
the time was working with the John Birch Society and had a long history of
working with the John Birch Society this is another interview with Norman Dodd
this one was done by dr. Stanley Monteith and I want you to check this
out what listen to what a Norman Dodd says about their hijacking of our money
supply and how they use that to get control of our education system check
this out mr. Dodd what did you find out was the stated objective and goals of
the great American foundations we found out doctor that these foundations had as
their objective the orientation of the people of this country to the idea of
collectivism and thereby nullifying for good and all the commitment of the
country to individualism which was the feature of the country at the beginning
now how did they go about doing this well primarily they did it dr. by by
securing control of what is known as the money supply of the people of this
country he’s speaking of the money supply that was going into education
well as the money supply and they have the people of the country as a whole and
how did they do this they did this by working out a system of banking which
was foreign in this concept but it enabled it debt to be what we call
monetized transformed into bank deposits now how did they specifically set out to
influence education in America bye-bye have eliminated ease of this newly
created money and being able to reward those the personalities that were active
in the world of education administrative Lee as well as academically
will be able to influence the textbooks of the teachers yes where they were able
to see that textbooks were almost produced by our own order and assuring
the publishers of textbooks of the funds necessary to make publication of those
books profitable so there you have it folks you have these deep state
criminals or looting the American people they’re stashing all their loot in these
tax-exempt foundations then they’re using that money to wage a war on
America on humanity on God on the church on freedom on all of us right and if
they get their way it is going to usher in a period of darkness like the world
has not seen in a very long time if ever so anyways folks I’m Alex Newman this is
behind the deep state thank you very much for watching please like share
subscribe do all those things so we can get the word out very
that we get the word out if we want to stop these people yeah they have
billions trillions of dollars in their tax-exempt foundations yeah they control
the money supply but guess what all the lies in the world cannot compete with
truth and we don’t need billions and trillions of dollars to promote the
truth the truth will stand on its own if you will help out get involved share
this with your friends family neighbors pastors rabbis whoever it is and until
next time again I’m Alex Newman thank you for
watching and God bless

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  1. They have been figured out. A good way to get the younger peeps to understand that aren't into politics is use Star Wars sayings like, "Emperor Palpatine loves democracy"!

  2. Thanks Alex. Another great report, part 7 now, I think? Thanks for digging up Norman Dodd testimony. He confirms what I have been saying for over a yr. now, we have already been taken captive & lost our country decades ago. And you are right, if they get their way, & they have, we will see the darkest times in the history of the world. We are living in these times now. Jesus called them the days of sorrow. Followed be birth pangs which as in pregnancy get more server as time goes on. Lawlessness will increase, antichrist will emerge and then the end will come in swiftly, within 7yrs. Jesus returns in the clouds to rapture His church after antichrist enters the new temple in Jerusalem & claims to be God. The end of this 7yrs. is the end of the age, not the world. 5G=Matt.24:22 unless those days had not been cut short by the rapture, no flesh would be left alive. Jesus cuts short & God then pour out His wrath on the earth.

  3. No other country in the world deceptively influences people as much as usa does through these fake charitable foundations and movements biased around the world. Even the Uighurs movement WUC based in Germany was started by the US and still receives funding from the NED.

  4. I used a New American article as a reference in a discussion I was having on Facebook (yeah, I know, "Fakebook", LOL) Anyway, this guy said, well that article has to be discounted as biased. I asked him why? He said, well they're slanted right-wing. So I said, "Well, is any of the information I related incorrect in some way?" He said no, but it didn't count because it is a "right-wing outlet". I asked him why he used CNN and even WaPo as sources, because both publications have frequently been caught flat-out lying in their articles, especially the last 3 years. He laughed and said, "Other than Trump, they are very accurate and use trusted sources in their articles." He genuinely thought that most of the modern MSM was honest and not "left-wing", or at least that's how he came across. I guess the communist influence in our education has succeeded when people do not even realize they are repeating propaganda. I've even stopped watching Fox very much, and do as much research on things as I can–including the Dodd Report–chilling reading if you value your Constitutional rights.

  5. Yuri Bezmenov was recorded saying that the Soviet Union would take over America by stealth. Very interesting interview if you can still find it.

  6. When I was waking up politically in 2017, I really started putting this together at the time. I actually did a paper on the commercialization of childhood in 2011 and covered some of this in that paper.

  7. What are you taking consideration? One of the biggest corrupt? Multi billionaires Michael Moore how much pay off money does he get to not talk about how small farms are being destroyed that are organic or his corruption with Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan? T got paid to not do a story. About Farms being destroyed land taken away. And the big scare of pigs But it's alright to eat the massive amounts of meat. In concrete bunker facilities Worthy animals have got the shit and piss and the fumes. They have to breathe. Is mass of the lagoons? Of 5 to 10 million gallons the damage of these Farms going back bankrupt because the fact that was too thick That a Chinese run. Pork producer Slaughterhouse can reject the pigs that have been indoctrinated with toxic? Medicines and antibiotics and the farmer can't sell the pigs.. So that the pigs. It's slim enough. . So they can go through the automated machines.. Is Farms go bankrupt? And walk away. . The toxics in the foods in America the die-off America will be an extremely sick population.

  8. How many of these foundations in 20/20 are actually responsible for destroying a white South Africa? A speaker Bill Gates Henry Kissinger And many other well-to-do biginners. . Non-profit 501 c 3 S . Financing the destruction of America what we have here is we have a race of white witches those who support Lucifer everything related to the time of Babylon sacrificing the first child. None of these individuals are married. . But they're all connected to children. .

  9. Why are they allowed to operate within our borders? Because there are no men here.

    There is no right to work covertly or overtly to enslave those around you.

    Why does National Propaganda Radio and the Propaganda Broadcasting Service still get taxdollars? Why do Marxist globalists run our news media, schools, universities, corporations and on and on? Because they have been successful and there are no men left here.

    They have amerika to act as the world's policeman. Why do they need the UN? Is it really just more distraction?

    The churches were infiltrated long ago, if not created as a means of control. I vote the latter.

    The purposes of gods and golden rules Sanctuaries: where cowards hide their buried guns
    The great fracture is here.

  10. I hope you do a video on compulsory education, which I consider to be completely antithetical to the concept of freedom and family.

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