66 thoughts on “Have money and no skill. Show off fails. Expensive and luxury cars

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  2. Got clowns here in Japan doing the same thing.. Crashing into anything and everything just like MarioKart.

  3. I love seeing these videos, its a terrible shame to see those beautiful machines being smashed by dim witted wankers with no driving skills. Just a word of warning kiddies " DON'T GROW UP TO BE A MORON LIKE THESE CAR DRIVERS " !

  4. Seeing all those useless German cars being smashed up…no big loss. I am glad we have idiot drivers like this….body shops need the work. The downside…these a$$holes drive up the cost of insurance for all other drivers.

  5. @1:32 That was not a money and no skill That was the Making of Transformers movie. The road had been closed off to the public Via Permits from the city of Washington DC Back 10 years ago

  6. Классный видocик! Буду пpoбовать! А я вот тoлько учусь зaрaбатывать в интepнeтe..

  7. 1:33 that was an actual accidental collision of Bumblebee with the local police department while filming Transformers.

  8. People always laugh at rich people smashing cars, that same rich guy laughs at you, he just goes and buy another one

  9. As someone who was nearly hit while on my bike by similar actions, all y’all that do this shit are no good, dirty rotten, pig stealing, scum sucking sack of worm puke

  10. Did I hear someone say " oh sheet!" 😆🤣😂 These knuckleheads have no brains.😂🤣 Thanks King of the Road ❤️👍

  11. Tolle Videos von richtigen Vollkoffern – naja wenn man zu viel Geld hat und es unbedingt wegwerfen will – da könnt ihr es aber auch mir via Paypal überweisen.

  12. I don't even mind to see idiots crash those Lambos but it is a sin for some rich dumbass to buy and destroy a classic hot rod.

  13. All these drivers and those who aspire to do the dumb stuff they do should have to watch videos like this, but then there would be less of this stupidity to upload to YouTube.

  14. Not sure who the bigger dumb asses are. The drivers or the morons standing around watching. All trying to compensate for their tiny penises.

  15. Wonder how many wrecks occurred because they were taking selfies. Feel bad for the innocent people who were harmed by the morons.

  16. All I see is A bunch of beautiful car is being driven by a bunch of stupid beep beep beep people that can’t beep beep beep en drive they asked ta have there shit fuckt up

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