18 thoughts on “Growing Number Of Hospitals Sue Patients To Collect Debts | NBC Nightly News

  1. As a family member of two who have CF….It's not something that is unlucky or by chance. You carry the gene and so does your partner at which point it's nearly a 50/50 chance you have a child with CF. After the first you know this and the choice to have 4 is completely up to you. I'm someone who believes in single payer healthcare and against the current system of healthcare but to further that message we need to be informed and not spread stories like this that others can prop up against us. We need to be truthful about stories like this and still fight.

  2. TRUST me socialized HC is not what it seems to be.. You want free care – great I agree.. But we are not Sweden with a low population.. We have 330 million people so care has to be diminished to take care of everyone.. In socialized HC cost over patient is key.. In what we have now you still get treated regardless.. Yes you will have to pay but you got your health.. In Socialized you would still be waiting in line and it wont be what you expect.. I say this because we are not the UK/ CANADA or EU nations we are to big for it to work..

  3. Imagine if you were this mother, parent, or even yourself. Do the right thing, Americans! Let's stop these blood sucking insurance companies from having so much power over whether you live or die. Medicare for all! Bernie 2020.

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