100 thoughts on “Government withholds 84-year-old woman’s social security, claims she owes thousands for college

  1. Outrageous something is not correct if anything they should take a small portion out of her check till this situation can be resolved!!!!🤔🤨

  2. Government is so great, huh? I bet she voted for more government..

    You say identity theft, but it could be a careless typo and government isn’t going to fix their error.

    Why isn’t she calling her elected politician? We’re paying them. She better make them earn their pay, they damn sure aren’t doing anything else.

  3. Back track the student loan money trail. All students are required to have I.D. cards. What colleges and universities were attended. What banks or loan business did the gave the loans. Follow The Money Trail (Backtrack those education years). Someone obtained an illegal college degree. Can she remember ever losing her credentials time pass?

  4. The government kept my social security check for 4 months, when I lived in Dallas, Texas,,,, And to this day, they never explain why they stopped sending my check, then they gave me half of my check and 2 to 3 weeks later they gave me another portion of my check, my lights got cut off ,,, WOW""" it was horrible ,,, I believe they did that to me on purpose,,,,Oh of course I am an old black poor woman too.

  5. I really hope that the Congress woman can resolve her issues..
    This is crazy….. don't pick on elderly people … they say they CAN'T help ?
    But I know what JESUS can do…

  6. Update: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wfla.com/amp/8-on-your-side/better-call-behnken/84-year-old-receives-money-after-government-vowed-to-withhold-her-social-security-check-until-2031/1878793352

  7. Thank you are working on this case! Identity thief has skyrocketed since Facebook said they were hacked. In the past FB has been sued for selling user information! I don’t believe they were hacked.

    FB forces users to give their phone numbers. Since this so-called hack, I have been getting at least 5 scam calls a day! One man called me and said he represented the Social Security Administration. He then asked me for my SS number. I then asked him for his SS number. He cursed me out and hung up.

    I had heard this SS scam call on FB. A user had posted it and told us to beware!

  8. If she does owe she can get a deferment because she is on SS-disability they will send her the money back.

  9. Contact your state Senator or Representative as well. Bless her heart, this could happen to any one of us senior citizens

  10. Like my grandma. She received notice from credit collector stating she had an outstanding loan from the Navy…what… I had to send them proof that she had never been in the military…lol.. Disgusting how easy it is to take someone elses identity..

  11. Social security withheld my checks a couple of years ago over a debt that I didn't have as well. Once I got it straightened out they didn't refund anything and I didn't bother trying to get it back since there's no telling what I'd have to do. I wonder how many people they're doing it to that don't fight back since it's such a hassle. It shouldn't be so difficult to deal with them and going to the office doesn't help.


  13. I’m a social worker and lately I have had almost 20% of my clients had their benefits cut in half without warning for incorrect reasons and we have tried to appeal without response an even asked to utilize the right to keep the benefit intact until the hearing without success

  14. Someone needs to SUE THE SHIT out of them fucking CROOKS.
    They are NOTHING but a corrupt corporation. They are CRIMINALS.
    They can be sued, someone help her

  15. I found an update:

  16. You can think President Trump and his party for this somebody got to pay for the tax cuts for the rich. the poor and the working people do vote them pieces of crap out in 2020.

  17. That’s how all of our so called leaders get rich. Stealing our money. The people need to just stop working tax paying jobs and work only for cash. Stop giving these crooked pieces of shit so called leaders your money and watch them fade away. Lol

  18. Father God, In the Name of Jesus, I ask that you command Satan to release this woman's money right now!!! Everybody that knows the Lord can move mountains, continue in prayer until she gets all of her money back… Thank you

  19. Not only did Mami not attend college neither did her seven children that’s a big surprise . 🤣🤣🤣😮

  20. My prayers are with this lady and her son and her family and it is so sad and i hope that they will gave her the money to her again.

  21. Betsy DeVos crooked ass had something to do with this.
    Hell, Betsy DeVos probably took out the loan in the woman's name.
    The White House have a lot of crooked mf's in it and so does Congress.

  22. Read the update and she was able to get her check back and there was a Gofundme that raised some money for her!! Poor lady! Sucks she had to deal with that because of some asshole!!

  23. Same thing happened concerning my neighbor check, they stated she’d moved and didn’t notify them..

  24. They need her little bit of money to pay the illegals money who came here so keep voting for democrats they are non American and communists and founders of kkk

  25. This will be happening to all before long. If you are working and paying into the government you're money is needed. When you try to get your money (you paid) from the government you are a burden and they don't like that so they either stop your pay or somehow you die then they keep your money.

  26. Ssi workers are killing elderly people. Just like all the anger at police., the killing of officers, which is terrible, is the same going to happen to ssi workers ?

  27. She's 84 years old and even if she owed that debt they're just now attempting to collect it? I don't think it's identity theft because if that person is still working under her assumed name and paying into social security then the retiree monthly checks should be bigger than $1500. Also shouldn't it raise a red flag that an 84 y-o is still working? I believe the Dept. of Ed done fucked up and she's paying the price for their stupidity. btw, if she spent even half of that 1/4M to get an education (I'm sure most of that money is interest and penalties) shouldn't she be collecting way more in social security. $1500 a month is more of what a minimum wage earner would get!!! I hope they get it straightened out very soon and she gets her money.

  28. Face facts! The incompetence of the Civil Service is an international problem.No-one can ever tell a Bureaucrat they are wrong!

  29. Once the soc sec starts withholding there seems no way to stop it. They pay pass the buck and say its not thier problem and problem is board of ed. Board of ed says its in collection agency hands who the soc sec is giving the money to. I know because i have been trying to get money back that was improperly taken from me. They wont even send me the complaint form. They claim it gets lost in the mail
    This is clear identity theft in her case!

  30. that's sad an you got some people that don't need social security, an they make it harder for the ones who do need it.. 🙏🙏

    Shannon Behnken

    Posted: Mar 26, 2019 04:37 PM EDT

    Updated: Mar 27, 2019 02:40 PM EDT

    TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – After two months of waiting, Mamie Walker finally received her social security check that the government withheld. 
    Walker depends on her social security check of $1,498, but she received nothing in February or March.
    She received a letter that her money was being withheld. The government claimed she owed more than $200,000 in student loans.
    Walker says she's never been to college and neither has anyone in her family. 
    Walker said she was told she wouldn't get another check until Sept. 2031.
    Walker and her family turned to Better Call Behnken for help. Our story caught the attention of U.S. Congressman Kathy Castor. She vowed to help, and her team was able to secure an emergency check so Walker will have money until this mess is figured out.
    What exactly happened is still under investigation.
    In addition to one social security check, the community also chipped in, donating nearly $3,200 to a GoFund Me account in Walker's name. 
    She says she feels blessed.
    "If I could do some things to help them and show my appreciation, I say I'd clean houses, baby-sit, wash dishes, anything to show my appreciation," Walker said.

  32. She needs an advocate, that works for the IRS but they won't tell you, the same thing happened to me for six months I would call and they would say we fixed it but they couldn't finally one guy just admitted that they could not fix it and said I needed an advocate I said where do I find an advocate he said right here and he gave me the number, my identity had been stolen and I owed just as much as she did. But within 2 weeks of talking to the advocate she had fixed the problem and I received all my money back, good luck and I wish you well

  33. The government always tells you it’s your responsibilities to prove them wrong… That they only can follow what their computer tells them is the facts. No common sense.

  34. Wait…What? THIS woman went to College? You KNOW that ain't right! But IF you are a small fry the big boys do not care about you…The Guv won't even really talk to her…Man…this is krappy…

  35. They know damn well that woman didnt go to college and it wouldn't be hard to find that out just a phone call to the college.

  36. It's not a record error or identity theft. It happened to me, too. The fed is doing it deliberately. They came after me in 2005 for a tax debt from 1982, only problem was that I was in 6th grade in 82 and had no taxes. That didn't stop them, they just claimed that I falsified my records. They stole 47 thousand dollars from me and they just will not give it back.

  37. Please use this fundraiser to help set up a fundraiser for her @ https://themunnibunnifundraising.com/

  38. They withheld my SSI three separate times. I had to get a lawyer once in order to get it back. SSI are NOT honest!

  39. awwwwwwww. bastards. only in amurdica for us. how can they possibly assume that when the woman said she cant even spell the news ladies name? i sure hope that young lady can help her. smdh. do she have a good fund me page? i got 10 on it yall.

  40. They shouldn’t be with holding more then a set % of her check!!! Even if it’s a real debt how can anyone survive with 100% of their incomes gone?!?!?!?!? Government is ass backwards! This poor elderly woman should not be struggling like this it’s unreasonable to take her whole check!

  41. I know because it's happening to me. Twice the government stole my money. That my husband passed away and he was a vet. First I called college and my friend had the same 100.000 but she fought in Chicago court to have it removed . I'm stuck . I called dept of education rude and said is your name …. Well you owe the money. Wanted 3.000 I said no I don't owe it the ed sent a letter that owed 0. They clame it was a mistake I'm 67 years old. Let me rest in peace. Worked 30 years. I don't know why? I'm living on my husband check. He was a veteran! Shame on the government
    Please help someone

  42. Yep govt will take SSDI and SSI if you owe student loans but clearly she has no student loans unless she went 60 years ago and it’s all interest.

  43. Social security was supposed to pay my mother about $1,000 a month, but they lied, as usual. I worked hard, but instead of getting my refunds, the Internal Revenue Service kept everyone of them, for money that I did not owe, hell when I first started getting social security they kept a few of my checks from me, because they said that they over paid me which was a lie. Now get this, the Department of Education owes me money, but they said that I would have to go back to school in order to get my money, but, instead they told me that I would have to take out a student loan, I turned them down, and I still haven't gotten my money from them or the IRS. The government loves ripping off the poor and the working people, but the damned rich and the foreigners get everything handed to them. Maybe we another revolution, only this time against the rich and our own government.

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