Gold Deposit –  Hong Kong Bank  September 7th, 2018

Gold Deposit – Hong Kong Bank September 7th, 2018

Harald Seiz: So hello everyone,. I’m here at the moment currently in our offices here in Hong Kong. Here is hello. Mr. Heit. How are you? Mr. Heit: Hello. Good afternoon I am very very good and I feel good when I feel physical 24 k gold Harald Seiz: Yeah, you looks very good. Thank you very much. It’s it’s very nice Harald Seiz: Here is with Alex. Alex is the people with the big muscles here. (Security) Yeah, and he’s a great man. I love him
Alex: We Trust in Gold. Harald Seiz: I love him . I love him, he can protect me.
(laughs) Harald Seiz: That’s great and now we have here Marvin.
Marvin: I’m very happy to be here. We have to reached the first goal. KBC to the moon KBC to the moon!! Harald Seiz: Yes, of course, so we have some affiliates. Just only one from Turkey. No, he’s from Germany because he was also in Turkey Yeah, he prepared something for the trigger.
And now we have the special guy, you know.

Mr Tomar: Hello ……. Stay tuned Harald Seiz: This guy is very important For us at the moment. He create our new Blockchain.
Mr. Tomar: Yes. I will have the main it as soon as possible Stay tuned keep up with some more news. Harald Seiz: Great Great, and here’s the cap gold. Oh, here’s the security. Yeah the boss from the security here. We have also here our security in our vault. You know, you see it. At the moment, you know, our office team say hello to Facebook Hello, and also a very important man here is Sascha CEO from four different companies from Mr. Heit and yes, it’s a very important man and also they It’s a trust person, you know? And now here she gives us an interview and you will see it on In a couple of days. Yeah. Wow. She looks very nice. (laughs) Okay, Change it. Hello. I’m here How are you today? Everything is fine? Okay now I will show you our high security vault and Here is the security that we open the Vault because I will show you here I go off this side, so and now Here, I promise you and here on Facebook Live. Maybe I Catch it here that I can show you really here This is our gold and this is the gold what we have inside you see it? That’s what I talk about in the ICO phase that we are….. has our gold fixed and Here you see all the gold What is here what it is? It’s 135 kilos in the Vault and Exactly this what we promised now, we promised 120 we have already 135 and In the near future. We have 250 kilo here In the next several…. What do you say Sasha? Oh, oh when when comes the next goal? approximately Sasha: Two months one to two months. Harald Seiz: Yes, okay and all its backing the KBC and that’s very important and Everything it’s true… everything it’s done and This was me from here… from Hong Kong from our office …and I wish you all the best and see you soon.

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  1. That’s is the world’s cheapest vault!!!!! Did you go to mainland in Luohu to get it? Your gold is probably fake to!!!!!!!!!

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