We will give $100 each when you sign up under my link. So, this is sponsored by PrimeXBT. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Are you looking for an online income? Click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. To keep you updated on my video uploads On how to earn money online. I share free earning apps, free earning websites, how to earn cryptocurrencies, and legit home-based jobs. Check out my videos. I share some videos on how to earn money using our cellphones, laptops, desktop computer and internet. For today’s video, I will share a new website Where you can earn money thru cryptocurrency. In this website, you will be the one to manage your money. So, your earnings will depend on you. Just stay tuned in this video. I will teach you how we can earn thru this website. This is the website— So, if you want to try this website, I will put the link in my description box. Just tap the arrow below and you’ll see the link for this website. Then, tap that link to get redirected to the website. So, this is the website, So, this is No. 1 Bitcoin trading platform. You can trade cryptocurrency here. In this website, you can trade different types of Cryptocurrencies. You can increase your cryptocurrency profits by using leverage or the margin. Okay. And in this website.. You can open free account. So, it’s free to register here in After that you can now trade your cryptocurrency and make profit from it. So, here in PrimeXBT, this is a best in class trading platform. They are fast, safe and reliable trading platform. PrimeXBT has low trading fees. So, you’ll just pay low when you trade here. And their interface is user-friendly. It’s not difficult to navigate. I will show it to you later. They have powerful charting engine that we can use. They also have variety of indicators and drawing tools. PrimeXBT has the best affiliate program. I will show you the affiliate system of PrimeXBT. So, you will earn here even if you don’t trade or deposit. You can earn thru affiliate program for free. Okay so, stay tuned and I will show you how you will earn here. So, this is their program. ‘Become a PrimeXBT affiliate partner’ So, you will get 50% of what your referrals pay in trading fees. For example, you have a friend that wants to trade, You can share your link to her/him and register under your link. And when they start trading, you will earn from his/her trading fees. Okay. You can earn for free in this affiliate program. It will be an extra income. ‘How does the PrimeXBT Affiliate program work?’ Of course, you need to share your link to a friend or in social media. Then, if someone registers thru your link and started trading in this platform. The affiliate receives up to 50% of all trading fees paid by their referral. Example he/she trades and pays trading fees. Of course whenever we trade there will be trading fees. On that trading fee, you will receive 50% of it. So, you can boost your affiliate commission by 10x For example, a regular crypto exchange offering. So you have a friend who registered under your link and deposited $1000 And that customer makes one trade worth $1000 And pays 0.25% or $2.5 commission So, you will get 40% of that trading fee which is equivalent to $1. So, that’s where you will earn thru your referral. Okay. By the way, guys, this is not an HYIP. This is a trading platform. Here, you will manage your own money. There’s no scam. So, I suggest that if you want to start trading, It’s better if you already have knowledge in trading. Because there are strategies used in trading. And, I will assure if you would learn trading, you will surely earn. Rather than just exchanging or just converting your Bitcoin into Peso in In fact, rates are much lower there compared to trading platforms. Where you can set your own price and when it reaches your preferred price. Automatically, your Bitcoins will be sold. So, that’s an advantage when you start trading. Start your affiliate business empire with PrimeXBT. So, this is multilevel. It has direct referral (level 1), level 2, level 3 and level 4. So when it’s direct referral, you will earn 20% When we say direct referral, For example, I referred someone, then he will be my direct referral. My direct referral also referred someone, that will be your level 2 referral. So, this has multilevel affiliate system. It’s like a pyramid. PrimeXBT has a new CPA program. If you don’t know what is CPA.. Their CPA program allows partners to receive a consistent, steady, flow of revenue from each and every successful lead they generate. Many have already earned profits in this CPA Program. So, I will show you how much they earn here. These arer their top earning partners. As you can see, someone earns 51 BTC here. Such high earnings. 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to around PHP 440,000 So, imagine how much this one earns, 51 BTC. That’s how much he earns in this CPA Program of PrimeXBT. Okay so, you will earn up to $1,250 CPA. So, if you refer here in PrimeXBT, introduce this program. And if he qualifies, you will earn from that referral. Introduce this platform to your client so your client registers and trades Then you will get profit from your client. For example, if you have 10 clients. You can earn up to $950 per month. Then, for example, 110 clients. You will earn $10,450 per month. The more clients you sign up the greater your income. You can see this in their platform If you want to calculate your possible earnings in this CPA program, Just drag the bar to see the average monthly income you can make as a partner based on the amount of traders you bring in this platform. We will give $100 each when you sign up under my link. So, this is sponsored by PrimeXBT. All you have to do is tap the link in my description box then register. When you register, fill out the registration form, email, password and confirm password. And that $100 can be used in trading. To get that free $100, you need to deposit 0.045 BTC. Then you can use that $100 in trading and make profit from it. How can you redeem $100? You have to go here, to this ‘question mark’ icon. And then, tap this chat. Then let the admin know that you will use the code: missjen You’ll just chat here with the promo code: missjen This is very important. You have to inform the admin that you will use my code. So, you can get that free $100. It’s that simple. You need to deposit 0.045 BTC so you can get the $100 free sponsored by PrimeXBT.

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