FUEL UP My BIKE Prank On Gasoline Boys (Money Tip) | Ranz and Niana

FUEL UP My BIKE Prank On Gasoline Boys (Money Tip) | Ranz and Niana

Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! Hey guys, Ranz Kyle here and I’m with and welcome to and welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Aye, what’s up you guys, today is another day for the vlog fam, you know what I’m saying. Ye, guys. So today we’re going to do something. So that means we’re not gonna do a video inside the house. We’re not gonna do a challenge. Yeah, or any house thing — something. Because today we’re going out there in the city. To prank some hard-working gasoline boys. Yes, guys, you heard it right. We’re going to a different gas stations to prank the gasoline boys in there so how will we prank them, Niana? Do you even know how? What we’re gonna do? We’re gonna be using something fast. but we need gas, that’s why we’re going there. What kind of vehicle or — or moto transportation that we’ll use today? Why do you need to go to a gas station? Car? That’s too obvious. Not a car. Not a car? Well, come on. — A scooter? No, not a scooter. Skateboard? No! More, more. tell me more. a bike? a bike! Yes! But how are we gonna fuel up a bike? I know, right! That will be the prank because we’re going to ask them to fuel up our bike even though you can’t fuel a bike. Yes! So we’re gonna act like it’s normal to gas up a bike even though it’s not possible. Hey, fuel up my bike. So what we’ll do is to stop in a gasoline station ask them to fuel up and give them the money telling them that we’ll gonna go to the restroom or in a convenient store. and then we’ll go back and — let’s see if they will — let’s see. We’re gonna act like legit actors here. Let’s see their reaction. Let’s see their reaction. So now let’s go and ride the bike. Where’s the bike? Bike! Where are you? now when I need you. I can feel the bike coming. Where’s the bike, okay I can feel it coming. Okay, there you go. someone delivered my bike. Thank you for delivering the bike that we’re going to use today, Keat. Thank you for your kind consideration. This will be our helmet. Yes! As you can see, we’re all set. This time to prank. Prank time! By the way, we’re going to give the hard-working gasoline boys a tip The money that we’re gonna — use for gas — we’re going to give it to them. — Is it full tank? Full tank. Okay, guys, we will see you in the car because we’re gonna be driving They’re gonna be shooting in the car and then we’re gonna bring this. See you in the car and it’s prank time. Let’s go! And yeah, guys! We’re inside the car and we’re on the way to the gas station. Yeah, guys! We’re now here at the first gas station as you can see right there. Aye! And now it’s time to prank the gasoline boy. You’re going first. — I’m going first so that you can learn from me. Okay, I’m going outside, ride a bike and go there — safety first. By the way, you should be like a real biker right here. So I’m gonna wear this helmet. Let’s go! Okay, Niana, watch and learn. watch and learn. Let’s go biker boy! Let’s go! I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know why he’s riding it. I don’t know, what the freak! Didn’t know what to do yet, that is our test run. Now I know what to do at the next station. I mean You know, I don’t even know what he did while I was gone and then when I came back, he was like, I don’t know what to do with this thing. Yeah, I gave him a tip, at least I made him happy. Let’s go to the next station and maybe we can interview some of them. Let’s go! Next. Okay guys, — Yeah go, next one. Try your best lest go. Another one, let’s go. I’ll ride the bike now. Tip that we’re gonna give. Okay, guys. You ready? Okay, so my brother went to the convenient store and The guy that he asked to fuel made it stand there he tried putting back the money but Kuya said, no! gas that one, I’ll buy something. So guys, he’s still int there. Okay, guys, so that’s a good one. And now it’s Niana’s turn. Good Luck! Okay, guys, it’s Niana’s turn and we’re close to the next gas station. What will I say? good luck. I don’t know what to say. Just say Okay, Niana, time to go. You’ve seen me two times Okay, wear your helmet now. Okay, go! Okay, I’m gonna go. Guys, I’m doing this for you, guys. Leave this video a like. a share and a subscribe if you do. I’ll just go to the CR. Okay guys, as of right now, they’re just talking and they’re laughing Guys, as of right now, Niana is not yet back. Let’s go and see. Here, this is yours. Because I want to give tips to the hard-working. Thank you po. Okay, guys, I don’t know what Niana talked to them but they’re happy right now. They’re laughing at the moment. Okay, that was good. You did it good. That was not best, I will do better. Because they chased me and gave me the 500, I did not get to go out. Let’s go! Okay guys, so right now Okay, so Niana’s back there. Guys, we’re on to our next gas station Last 2 to go, last one for me and last one for Niana and then we’re done. Let’s get it! And Yeah! Let’s keep on going. So my brother just left it They’re actually trying to find a gas something to put the gas. They’re looking at it. They’re like, where! Keep on working hard, good luck! Guys, as of the moment, Kuya just left the bike on the side Niana went out. So let’s see what’s gonna happen next. Let’s go! Okay, guys, Niana is about to go back now Let’s see what’s gonna happen here. Let’s go! Okay, guys, we’re back home, that was fun but kinda tiring. It was fun biking around going home. We did it! Yes, and we did the prank too! It was fun. You know, we got to prank them and then got to see their reaction and also Yeah, we gave them — surprised them with tips. — Yes! I hope we made their day today. at least — a simple thing. — Yes! and we’re gonna do it next time again. So hope you guys liked this video. I know you guys enjoyed it. I think that’s it for the vlog today, it’s a long day. So give this video a like — share — subscribe — and turn on our post notification for a shout out. Shout out to Yeah, thank you for turning on our post notificaitons. And we will see you guys on the next vlog. Peace! Oh, by the way, comment down below some video suggestions And what you think about this video. — Comment down below. Peace out! Bye!

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  1. Nice video!
    Guys if gusto nyo manood ng nakakatakot na vlog, check nyo po channel ko.. Yakapin ko po kayo pag yinakap nyo ako. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ranz Kyle And Niana I already have seen you in a mall in National book store but I did not not take a picture because I was shy 🙂 You guys are the best Youtubers ever (FYI I am a filipino :))

  3. Ranz i dare you to ignore Niana for 24 hours (as a challenge )

    Hm….if you did this challenge..

    I wonder what Niana's reaction is 😮


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  5. Hi Kuya Ranz I'm from Tanauan City Batangas, gusto ko lang pong i recommend ang naisip kong challenge para matulungan ang mga kababayan nating naapektuhan ng pag putok ng bulkang taal. " 30 minutes Grocery Challenge" tapos mag dare kayo ng isa ding kaibigan niyong vlogger to do it also. I hope na sana manotice to, we badly needed all your help po. Thank you po❣️





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  9. Hi, I'm Brazilian and I don't speak English, but I wanted to say that I'm completely in love with you! (PLEASE NOTE ME!)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Ang Saya at Ang sarap Lang sa feeling.. na nagagawa nyo ung gusto nyong gawin sa vlog.. I hope someday… Magawa ko din sa vlog ko yan.. 🙏🙏😍🤗🤗😍


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