‘Earn That Sperm’ Ep. 4 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 10

‘Earn That Sperm’ Ep. 4 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 10

[MUSIC PLAYING] Five bucks? Debbie? It’s Meghan. Oh shit, hey. The last time I
saw you, you were getting dragged out of D-hall. Assholes. What’s that green thing? That’s a mango. That’s what a
mango looks like? Yeah. Hm. Who are all these kids? They’re mine. – All of them?
– Yeah. You know, it’s
different baby daddies. Oh my gosh. Damn. How do you afford
to feed them all? You married rich? I got a good lawyer. It’s child support. And all the fathers contribute. Really? Some more than
others, obviously. So, like, the more they
give me in child support, the better clothes
I get for the kid. Huh.
No shit. Yeah. That’s why Moisha is
wearing Ralph Lauren. And Chip is wearing
shit from Goodwill. Huh. Chip, you get
what daddy pays for. Is this Franny? Yeah. Hey. What’s going on here
with these clothes? Is Derek like, a deadbeat Dad? No. I mean, he offered
to pay child support. But he wanted partial custody. So I said no. Shared custody is a godsend. It’s a free babysitter. Let him have the kid
one night a week. That’s when you go out. You bust out your humps. You go to a bar. And you get that pie cream. Yeah. I think I know what you mean. You’ve got to earn that sperm. A sperm deposit
is a bank deposit. Yeah. Maybe. Maybe. Either way, I would definitely
revisit the Derek situation. Milk him for
everything you can get. Thanks. Oh my god. Look at that fine-looking Jew. You know that man
has a good job. I gotta go! OK. Good seeing you, Meghan. C’mon.
C’mon. OK.

98 thoughts on “‘Earn That Sperm’ Ep. 4 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 10

  1. That this scene even exists as a current piece of popular entertainment underscores that we are in cultural freefall.
    Add this to the zombieland of fentanyl undead, the collapse of the biosphere, and the obscene concentration of wealth being amassed be men-that-want-to-be-gods, and it's easy to see that a bloodbath is on the horizon.

  2. The worst part is there are a LOT of girls out there that are exactly like that… I say girls cause well no woman would act or think that way, that's a child's thought process.

  3. Clearly the writers of this scene have never been through a divorce with kids involved. The less parental time the father has the greater the child support, the more time the baby dad gets with the kids, the less child support he pays.

    Now, one might agree to pay more as an inducement to get more parental time, but if the mom has full custody, then the courts will mandate the maximum amount of child support, which is calculated by the amount of money he makes, with some sort of minimum floor level regardless of income level.

  4. Yeah Debbie F*cked up. But what about Carl trying to hit the new chick even tho his current girlfriend is dope as f*ck. For God Sake she tried to kill all 2 dozen condoms in 1 day and a half

  5. If u get shocked by this scene I wonder if u were watching the rest of the show during a coma btw acting always on point

  6. Had a colleague who married a women who had 3 other baby daddies.

    She has 4 kids two of them from the same dad. I remember him always talking to me about it and just always telling myself I'm glad I'm not him.

    This dude ended up having a kid with her. I want to say a year later I met him again working as a new hire at the job I was at.

    He told me his whole situation SHE LEFT HIM and now he is also paying child support for her.

    But that isn't the crazy part she found another guy. Lol

  7. Debbie gallager sucks…all of this returning clothes situation is bullshit…shes a scandalous thief like her dad…lip is going crazy with the baby

  8. a lot of women will get pregnant so they can get money from them , and use the kids to get over on the guys but in reality the guy has rights to the child as well

  9. Lol oh come on you guys. Debbie is that hatable just because she knows how to scam and run game if needed. Shes still more responsible and had a better on her shoulders than everyone in the house. Lip is great and all but I need less whiney more drama lol.

  10. Shit, Debbie's a teen single mom now? I've got a LOT to catch up on. On another note, this makes me never want kids. Gold-digging bitches. Gold-digging bitches everywhere.

  11. To fellow viewers, does anyone else feel that a character like this (Megan) is more social commentary
    than actual storytelling? Like they're made for us to look down on. Yes, there are some terrible people
    out there but the reality of caring for children is pretty complicated. JT

  12. Still trying to get over seeing Debbie about to give head to that sleazeball shop assistant, I know it's 2019, but come on Debbie, just for free shoes, some things should never be free. and Debbie still looks like a child, it's so wrong.

  13. "Sperm deposit…is a Bank deposit…She's quite the skank…but..at least she's telling the truth… That quote she be on a bumper sticker…and required reading for all men.. young and old!

  14. Nice to see television shows that paint the great majority of females as they really are…
    (and THAT's coming from a female perspective)

  15. Damn man let me start watching this shit again I thought it was gonna suck without Fiona I admit I must have been wrong!

  16. "A sperm deposit is a bank deposit."
    I hope men of means are taking notes here. The dialogue is hyperbolous, but that line is gospel.

  17. Yeah, she's a horrible character. But I find it interesting that everyone is hating on her, what about the men having unprotected sex with a random woman in a bar? Seriously, the fathers are always given a free pass on their irresponsible behavior, and the woman is always the "evil temptress, using men and children". How about fighting for custody of your child rather than just throwing child support at their mother and leaving her to neglect and use them?

  18. I know a woman like that 6 kids by 5 different father's. She makes bank in child support. She gets 25% of all 5 men's income. She never went for poor dudes either.

  19. Idk why but Debbie is smarter than this
    Derek I mean I wouldn’t let him have shared custody if ur new wife wants my kids
    Debbie is a good mom but it’s sad how producers make the most loved character a most hated .

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