100 thoughts on “Bra – Money – Purse | Magic Trick

  1. does the same thing always๐Ÿ˜‚watch his previous vedios ,.and that girl is a part of his crew members ….

  2. its the second trick with another girl and that one was also having condoms panties and lemon with knife. so its clear the girl is of his own.

  3. She is a total plant. She started off acting like a normal girl that was nervous but got way too cheeky towards the end. Total plant!

  4. the girl work's for him,is no trick,hi play's the same thing in other show with different girl a dos the same fucking routen ,pulling out panties and 6 condoms ,,,,,,,omg what an f77777g moron him and those who whatch him

  5. Heโ€™s clearly familiar with her before the show!! Who else will be ready with a weird looking knife, and a lemon with all the funny things like thongs etc ready for him to grab on and make jokes about them!!

  6. This is a stage act between Erika and the magician. How on earth she has a knife and a lemon in her bag, in the first place

  7. I watched the same magic from this guy before and all exactly the same stuff condom, panty,lemon and knife….u must say yhe lady was one of his member….all was acted

  8. Wait, something is fishy, he's done this trick before.
    I call bullshit.
    I think Erika coming up there was planned.
    Like, he did the EXACT same trick on another girl…

  9. Great act! Alert – spoiler – This is just that – an act. If you look here on Youtube, he does the same trick with several different women. The fact is, they are staged ahead of time with the items already in their purse, including a $20.00 bill with her initials / name already written on it and put into a lemon. The $20.00 bill that he takes from the guy is not the same $20 that he pulls from the lemon. He DOES do an excellent job with his sleight of hand, for sure. But a relatively simple trick.

  10. I love how they just completely trust him to give them their stuff back, even that guy's wallet! Magicians' audience nowadays… xD

  11. Drama.. not a random pick.. she is his pre arrange person.. otherwise who carries lemon and knife in girls hand bag.. thatโ€™s not grocery shopping bag.. come on B/S

  12. Ya'll fooled
    But Since you have some friends with in the audience you might work your tricks better bigger

  13. FYI: She is not "in on the trick". This is a random audience member. I can do this trick any time, with any bag. Love all the comments. Keep 'em coming!

  14. When he got the guys wallet and then gave her the 20 watch his right hand he takes another one out and puts it in his back pocket.

  15. Fake why would a normal girl bring a knife and a lemon on the show is she thinking these is chief competition ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. She's in on the trick you take a lemon you cut it you put that $20 in there with her name on it throw it in the purse then you get the 20 from the other dude and have her write her name on the 20 you hide that 20 you make out like you get the lemon out of the purse and wallet there it is the $20 bill with Erica written on it it was all set up she's in on it and everything. Fake magic, I love magic when it's done right but this one was way too easy to figure out

  17. I loved it when I saw this trick but it's repetitive and not only the jokes are redundant but even the items coming outta purse are same. If somebody feels the volunteer to be random, am spoiling it by declaring it's not.

  18. He take the elastic out of his pocket ( 2:05) and when he fold the note he attaches it to the note ( 2:41) where the note get behind his hand and he releases it to spring into his sleeve (2:44) . the lemon drop down into his cupped hand at (4:02) the knife was dropped in when he put the knickers in his pocket to get the knife out to drop in (5:48). The note is pushed inside by a hole in the bottom of the lemon that you never see.
    That said it's worth you watching to again … to look at the trick this time ? Instead of watching Erika :p

  19. Never trust a magician, and never let them have time where you cant see their hands. Also "thumbs up" for slight of hand with the 20. Everything was for a purpose, even most of the jokes. Well done though. Good entertainment and very funny.

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