Betsy DeVos Could Face Contempt Charges After Defying Court Order

Betsy DeVos Could Face Contempt Charges After Defying Court Order

I am firmly convinced that there is nobody
in this entire administration that is not willing to break the law at any given point. The latest example we have of law breaking
from the Trump administration comes not from Donald himself, but instead from education
secretary Betsy Devoss. According to a new lawsuit against Betsy Devoss,
which is actually being heard in court today, may have already had a ruling by now. I haven’t checked my computer in about 30
minutes. Maybe it’s already done with, but Betsy Devoss
is facing a, a challenge from a couple thousand students who she wrongfully is garnishing
their wages, withholding their tax returns because of their student loan debt. Now again, more than a trillion dollars of
student loan debt here in the United States. So why is this a big deal? Well, here’s the big deal. Uh, last month, a judge actually, excuse me,
prior to last month, long before that, a federal judge said, Hey, Betsy Devoss and a department
of education, you can no longer seek repayment on student loans from borrowers who attended
Corinthian college, which went out of business several years ago after they were exposed
for being a massive fraud that lied to their students, lied about their job prospects,
lied about their graduation rates, lied about everything under the sun, and they also committed
securities fraud. Um, so they went out of business and a lot
of people were left with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and a degree that
was essentially worthless. So under the rules of the department of education
and rulings by judges, these debts were forgiven, didn’t have to repay them. You got swindled. We’re not going to charge you for that. But Betsy Devoss still collecting those debts,
even though a judge told her you can’t legally collect these debts anymore. So today, the students, which there’s over
1000 of them that were having their wages garnished or their tax returns withheld to
pay off these debts, 16,000 total that were uh, wrongfully being overcharged, but 15,000
of them have been resolved. 1000 plus still out there anyway. They’re arguing in front of a judge that,
Hey, she should be held in contempt. The court very clearly said, you can’t do
a thing, Betsy Devoss still did the thing. She broke the rule. She broke the law. She has to be held in contempt. There has to be some kind of accountability
in this administration for the constant rule breaking and hopefully that’s what happens. Hopefully that is the ruling that we get. Maybe it comes out late this afternoon, may
be in a couple days. Who knows? But something has to be done. Somebody in this administration has to be
made. An example of, we have seen this far too often,
this same show from the Trump administration, whether it’s Betsy Devoss, whether it’s Ben
Carson, Palmpeo, Andrew Wheeler, Scott Pruitt before him, all of them, they’re all cheats. They’re all crooks. They’re all doing these underhanded dealings,
and it’s time for one of them, at the very least, to finally face some kind of consequence
for their action.

100 thoughts on “Betsy DeVos Could Face Contempt Charges After Defying Court Order

  1. Stupid Trump era of politics. The rich on both sides rape the economy and make people suffer from greed and they can't figure out why we want to tax the rich and make healthcare single payer and eliminate student loan debts, etc. But to quote a crappy SW movie, "You've done that yourself!" Maybe you should have left more than crumbs on the table for the peasants while trust fund shills Devos lives with her 9 yachts. They complain about our "socialist" agenda but they'll give us no other options for survival. #bernie2020

  2. Betsy Devos doesn’t care about students, she doesn’t care about people, she is apart of Trump Administration, should we surprised….!!!!

  3. If the next administration allows these swine to just walk away like Obama and co. did with Bush and his criminal pals, American democracy is finished. If Obama's DOJ would have really pursued those sobs, Repubs wouldn't feel like they could get away with all this nonsense.

  4. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until they show otherwise: Republicans think the law doesn't apply to them. The 'party of personal responsibility' refuses time and time again to face consequences for anything they say or do.

  5. Its pure arrogancy that this administration of 45 has give some people to think they can do wathever they want and get away with it.

  6. Fun fact, devo is a slang term for a deviant personality. Usually sexual or drug related. Also known as a pervert or fiend. Devos is the plural. So, if the shoe fits, wear it.
    Will e. M'ur-derr. It's pronounced murder.

  7. Maybe she should pay a fine into a special fund that would protect these and other students from similar scams. It's not about punishment, but about repairing a portion of harm perpetrated by her and con artists she now tries to benefit. Like reparations.

  8. We’re looking for volunteers to learn a script to impeach “not my president”. Inquire with house majority leader Nancy Pelosi. Must have a doctorate in embellishments. Acing classes are provided to potential candidate. Minority female applicants are given first priority for this position, but we encourage all left wing advocates to apply. Compensation will be discussed at interview. Please bring list of current court appointed community services with you.

    Thanks and good luck because we’re going to need it …


  9. Betsy DeVoss and her whole family are frauds. In Michigan the DeVoss family has a lot of influence over private and charter schools. They give less than a shit about people going to school with disabilities, and lastly even though this isn’t education related they own Amway. You know Amyway or should I say Scamway. Amway is nothing but a cult and I’ve seen someon get brainwashed into it.

  10. Betsy Devos is EriKKK Prince’s brother. EriKKK Prince is a murdering thug who has made billions in private military corruption and is behind trump’s desire to privatize the military. Betsy the Cunt Devos is trying to do the same with education. Until congress starts charging these criminals with contempt and either levying heavy fines, jail time or both to these fucking Cult of Greed deviants then nothing good will ever happen. #repealcitizensunitednow

  11. This woman is literally the embodiment of why I dropped out of college pursuing an English degree in my fourth year. . .

  12. Yet another very rich person who thinks she's/he's above the law. I don't care if one makes gazillions of dollars a year, it doesn't exempt he/she from facing criminal charges. It may help he/she buy an all-star lawyer. But no matter, the long arm of the law will still get to he/she and nail him/her.

  13. It will be Trump 2020, no matter how you try to smear the
    greatest POTUS in US history.
    You are just part of your evil Dems people.
    Nobody cares.

  14. A joke from the 80's french humorist Coluche, going something like this:
    "I know why politicians build more prisons than schools.
    When you're a politician, you are guaranteed not to go back to school.
    Whereas prisons…"

  15. Does DeVoss or her "Blackwater"brother own part of Corinthian College? Will she or someone she loves have to pay back money to the government monies paid by students? Inquiring minds want to know.

    own part of Corinthian College

  16. I ONLY!! WISH-&- PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………..Betsy!!!!!–>IS!-a………………………… "christian" ZIONIST!!!!!!!!!………………. -&-Her/Brother!!! + BLACKROCK!!! CRUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………… JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………

  17. Honestly WTF are Democrats waiting for….? Every person in Trumps Administration is breaking the law and defying Congress… What have the Democrats done about it…? Trump administration refuses to turn over information to Congress… They refuse to show up for hearings… When they do show up they LIE and deceive… Inherent Contempt for everyone… This is just pathetic… Congress is not doing their jobs…

  18. ill eat my fucking shoes if ANY of trump's cronies face consequences from ignoring these subpoenas or defying court orders.

  19. Do you think the wealthy do crafts, have hobbies, or do anything creative or do they spend 24-7 thinking of ways to oppress the poor and middle class?

  20. She is corrupt and morally bankrupt but no way is she going to jail because we as a Nation are a bunch of sheep. She will retire when her havoc is completed and not one day before

  21. Does anyone have any idea why I am being blocked from sharing Ring of Fire stories from YouTube ? Flag said I was blocked for inappropriate posts. I have made no comment,just tried to share with daughter and public.

  22. Trump toxin has infected all of them.
    They blame others of what they're up to. I give you CORRUPTION. as evidence!


  24. Of the many things I have difficulty with in the US educational system is that it is still considered a states rights issue. My Dad was in the USAF and as such, I went to 9 different school systems, and what is considered a correct answer in Virginia was considered wrong in Illinois. I still think, I'm 54 now, but I still think math teachers are the most condescending people in the world. Anyway, back to US schools: Why is it deemed acceptable that taxpayers money is allocated to religious schools? Why hasn't a national educational program been refined from the current NCLB Act, to an actual viable system? Oh, and the comment about these being crooks and thieves should take into account the allowance of title loan and payday loan places to exist. They ones accused are just businessmen.

  25. These people will find any way to steal, cheat and find away to drain tax dollars – in their criminal acts / actions- to willfully hope nothing will be ecpected if them as any civil suits is being paid by CITIZEN dollars! To pay off lawsuits they have caused [ #taketheMONEYfromtheirowntrustFUNDS ] stop blaming the wrong circle if people!

  26. Contempt from the low life dems is a joke….means nothing. They're a joke.

  27. 💕couldn’t happen to a more deserving bitch (p.o.s.)…./Betsy DeVos. Wouldn’t it be great to see this bitch in prison

  28. Good luck! They don’t make the ring leader accountable so why bother with his administration? They are above the law.

  29. I would love to see elitist DeVos' smarmy, fake, smile wiped off her frikken lizard face, she is/was an absurd choice for anything having to do with education at all, and her inner ugly shines right through her hide.

  30. Betsy is a pure devil. This cunt looks like a marionette that cut off its strings and walked around. Fuck her child trafficking brother too. Job 9:24 has never been more evident.

  31. Yeh, she "could" face contempt – but those fucking Democrat cowards WON'T charge her with anything. They'll just let her go, like the do EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.
    Fucken pussies.
    Fuck America.

  32. The whole WH, are criminals and need 2b Stop. Damnit, this makes nonsense they are committing crimes all in this world. Fucking liar, lair, your ass on FIRE 🔥

  33. It's always could,maybe,probably with you.
    That's what your subscribers want though,isn't it?
    They don't give a shit about truth and justice.
    As long as long as you tell them what they want to hear, they'll keep clicking.
    There will come a time when you'll have to face facts.
    Until then,,,,just remember this.

  34. Yeah.let a normal person snub their nose at the court system.they will be arrested and booked as fast as the police can find them.

  35. I was saying a few years ago that things had changed. That Congress, the Senate, and The President were all now above the law. One of my favorite things in life is being wrong. If justice were applied evenly across all spectrums. Money, position, race , sex , religion, etc. The professionalism and self esteem of this nation would abound.

  36. DeVos can thumb her pointy big nose at the judge because she knows that the Attorney General William Barr is the person who enforces court orders and Barr ain't doing it. Welcome to oligarchy.

  37. Let's hope Democrats remember this bullshit for the past 3 years, They will not always be in power of the House and the day they lose it, OH yeah payback time. Just like the Dems changing Senate rules in 2013, it came back to haunt them LOLOL #Walkaway

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