66 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders won’t rule out accepting Bloomberg’s money | CNN Town Hall

  1. Sanders is the only one who will help the middle class. He will ensure that progressives in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and of the East Coast corporate sector are made to put their money where their mouths are: the multimillionaire executives of companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, CBS, CNN, etc., who like to talk so much about "income inequality," routinely don't pay their fair share of taxes and pay their workers mere survival wages. They must have their assets retroactively taxed or apportioned to social programs. The Republicans won't make these bums pay up: the new Democrat party, led by Mr. Sanders, will.

  2. You like all others are a blood money platform and you will fail to continue oppressing the ignorant. The truths out CNN and your bullshit Orwell style of innocent opinion control ain’t gonna last. You’re evil. And you will be stopped.

  3. Only the money perceived to belong to a foreign country I will not accept, corruption dresses in to many colors and those are not always part of a rainbow!

  4. Only the money perceived to belong to a foreign country I will not accept, corruption dresses in to many colors and those are not always part of a rainbow!

  5. Only the money perceived to belong to a foreign country I will not accept, corruption dresses in to many colors and those are not always part of a rainbow!

  6. Go ahead Bernie nobody blames you for taking that money now, you've gotten this far without it but thisbis the final stretch make sure to change things once you have power.

  7. Haha Bernie Bros are all bent out of shape. Bernie was silent when Anderson Cooper asked him to clarify – so no he didn’t answer, effectively leading people to understand he would consider taking the money. Don’t get me wrong I do think CNN is garbage but Bernie did NOT say he would refuse Bloomberg’s money. Enjoy your s**t show Dems

  8. Well why would he? Bloomberg's money is everyone's money, right? Oh wait, my bad. That's communism. Bernie is a socialist. (here come the butt-hurt comments)

  9. CNN you are not smart enough to manipulate people. All it does is cause people to stop watching your garbage. I would encourage everyone to report them on youtube when they post fake news that spreads misinformation. You should not be allowed to have a platform if you attempt to use it in a dishonest way.

  10. Everyone you can like this comment! See here’s the issue. First off you can’t talk shit about trump because your riding his dick with all your investments and that goes for every politician and any wealthy person. Number 2 the money you are allegedly receiving is from broke college retards that wanna be debt free. How do I know this? I have a sister in college that donates to you for no reason when she has a shitty car and can’t afford anything at all. Number 3 I don’t wanna hear shit that you don’t take kicks backs… Can anyone tell me how a politician barely making 6 figures can have millions in the bank and has 3 houses and is loaded… Doesn’t come from working it comes from people throwing money your way so stop this bullshit. Number 4 can you please tell me why even your own parties news network fucking hates you lmfaooo…??? KEEP SCAMMING BROKE COLLEGE KIDS YOU FUCKING FOOL! #TRUMP2020

  11. The American people are told they owe $23,000,000,000,000 to Israel. How can an "American Jew" claim to be that wealthy? Glass Steagal was never supposed to be repealed, and that allows Israel to control the American economy. FACT.

  12. This is why everybody has come to hate CNN and MSNBC!
    They are both so manipulative and unfair in how they operate and what they choose to NOT report!

  13. why is it of all the stuff bernie said, ya make a headline like that? bloomberg is still gonna be able to spend money for anti-trump stuff whether bernie wants it or not. its not up to bernie

  14. Pathetic. Bloomberg is a Twat. Sanders is a socialist piece of shit. Good luck with that. LMFAO. Trump 2020. You little retards. See you in November.

  15. CNN must get credit for anyone that opens this video, enough so that they deliberately mis-title it. Pathetic but not surprising.

  16. from month to month sanders outspent hillary in 2016. where did clean honest bern get that kind of money? same place obama did…………………..george soros.

  17. Where are all the people that love this gahhhh-bage? Every one has more Thumbs down than up. Literally the only this content gets those ratings. I think its all BS. "Fake News" if you will. Finally a main stream term to a well know phenomenon.

  18. yo, guys. Bernie supporter here and the title wasn't wrong. Bernie Sanders did not give a straight answer to whether or not he'll accept the money from Bloomberg.

    Am I upset at him for it? Not really. If he accepted Bloomberg's help, in the context of it being aid from a former candidate in order to beat Trump, and with the strict understanding that there is "no quid pro quo", if you will, it wouldn't bother me. He's keeping his options open, likely to avoid the Media boxing him into a "but you sAiD you wouldn't take money from biLlIoNaiRes bErNie!!1!" corner.

    But like, don't yell at CNN for saying he didn't answer the question when he literally sat there, silent when Cooper pressed him to answer the question as asked.

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    You need Mr. Sanders and he will be your next President!

  20. WTF CNN. Stop lying. Why do you keep trying to mislead people with your lies? Just be honest for once. You guys are just as bad as Fox News.

  21. Bernie's biggest contribution, having the most single donors in American history is this country's biggest legacy. Bigger than that lying, cowardly con man in the White House and bigger than the cowards in the GOP. We are people who can't but groceries but will scrape five bucks together for Bernie, who will work for us, for someone to make this the greatest country it can be. Bernie's influence will rush like a tide out to all those young people who've had their future robbed, and gutted. They are going to take over the House and the Senate and send those old White Men and Women who got fat off our pain and our suffering and send them home. Good riddance. I hope we have new faces, new and spirited debates and the SHAME and SHAM of the last 4 years is kindling for the fire to burn it all down and start again, with the Constitution, the people and some freaking compassion.

  22. Bernie will be just like Biden- whining about what he can't get a way with like trump!.
    They are all from the same generation-( bernie/biden/ & trump) w/the same mentality.

  23. CNN you suck I came here to watch this lie propaganda titled video even though I knew you were Lieing Bernie would never accept billionaires money especially nasty greedy bloombergs blood soaked money ever, BERNIE is The TRUTH!

  24. I clicked dislike for CNN not for Bernie he’s got million like from me always and forever he’s is my president no matter what happens he will always be my inspirational leader god bless you President Sanders! ❤️🇺🇸

  25. This from the man whose first paycheck was from the federal gov't at the age of 40. And he is buying the election with other people's money. Socialism has always failed. Democratic Socialism is no different. The problem with Socialism is you always run out of other people's money.

  26. Whether he said yes no or not answer… they will word it in a negative way. Garbage that comes out of there. They like the Trump ratings and could care less about his policies… their wallets get fatter and fatter and all they have to do is pretend to care.

  27. for all you guys hating on CNN….. I think Anderson Cooper's followup on the audience member's question was fair. And the title to the clip wasn't all that bad either, because Bernie did dance around the question a bit. That's why Anderson pressed him on a definitive answer. What do you guys want from a journalist? And why you guys all in such a fit?

  28. Bloomberg would never give his money to any candidate, he is a republican plain and simple, as seen in his debate answers…now if Sanders had to say that the billionaires could use there money themselves to promote decency and the democratic socialist side in the party that would be up to him.

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