19 thoughts on “Ben LaBolt: Mitt Romney’s Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Returns

  1. i have not seen an intelligent campaign like this in a long long long time,based on facts,dont stop keep hitting him with facts

  2. the accounts were listed in required financial filings … he paid US income taxes on overseas accounts – it's in the docs Nice try, tho

  3. Whhaaaattt? Why is everybody attacking the rich? Jealous much? Having off-shore accounts is PERFECTLY LEGAL! Helllooooo?????

  4. Right…because if (Joe average man) tried to hide money IRS would be all over us. Shame on you Romney. While all this is damaging to him right now let us not forget about his plans for women's rights, basically setting women back decades, his non-committal stance on equal pay etc. and his stance on LGBT rights……WOW!!! Is this what we really need in the White House……I don't think so.

  5. What's scary is that he bet against the US dollar and still wants to become president. Ok I get that it's legal and other rich people do it but then don't run for the highest office. If you want to be president you have to the red white and blue in your blood and have The National Anthem as your ring tone.

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