Are Multivitamins a Waste of Money?

Are Multivitamins a Waste of Money?

When it comes to supplements, I often recommended
people to take multivitamins. After all, presumably only good things can
come from covering all of your bases with one simple pill. At the very least, it will give you some supposed
peace of mind. But after diving into the research, my opinion
has changed drastically about multivitamins. What I found is that, although multivitamin
supplements technically have many micronutrients you need combined into one pill, it’s not
as beneficial as you may think. As it stands now, in the U.S., 1 out of 3
adults take a multivitamin supplement, propelling supplements into a $30 billion, with a B,
dollar industry. And even with such wide use, we don’t truly
understand the actual benefits of a multivitamin. People vaguely just believe that taking multivitamins
will improve your health, however it may be. But when it comes evidence of it actually
doing so, it really doesn’t do much at all. One of the best indicators of health is mortality,
or ability to live longer. A 2012 meta-analysis looked at 21 articles
pooling together 91,074 people. What they found was that, across all 21 studies,
taking multivitamins had zero impact, ZERO, neither good nor bad, on mortality risk. In some studies, it was even found that specific
supplementation of vitamin E and beta-carotene may be associated with an increase of all-cause
mortality. But health is not just about living longer,
it’s also about other things like being disease or cancer free or free of heart problems. And once again, multivitamins draw a blank
in these cases. A 2006 systematic review of 20 articles from
the Annals of Internal Medicine came to the conclusion that there simply isn’t enough
proof that multivitamins is beneficial to preventing cancer or chronic diseases outside
of populations that are dealing with malnourishments. Another systematic review in 2013 came to
a similar conclusion, finding that vitamin and mineral supplements had limited evidence
in preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases in healthy individuals. A study in the same year also concluded that
oral multivitamins did not statistically significantly reduce the events of heart problems in people
that previously experience myocardial infarctions. In short, as far as improving your health,
multivitamins don’t really do much for you. Research also suggest it doesn’t improve
cognitive function, prevent respiratory tract infections, or prevent any infections for
that matter. Now let me clarify, micronutrients most definitely
are important to have no matter what. Our body needs them to function. But, the only time supplementation becomes
effective is when faced with deficiencies. A lot of times people think they have deficiencies
that they don’t. You might have heard people say they need
more B12, but in fact only 3% of US and UK adults actually suffer from B12 deficiency. On top of that, it’s fairly simple to get
B12 from eating meats or fortified grains. Granted, there are more common deficiencies,
such as deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin K, Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium. Problem is, most multivitamins wouldn’t
give you enough of these anyway. Take Vitamin D, for example, where the optimal
amount is roughly 1 to 2 thousand international units, but most multivitamins have only about
400. And some just have poor versions of these
nutrients, such as magnesium oxide, which is the cheapest version of magnesium and is
poorly absorbed by the body. And sometimes, they don’t even have these
nutrients entirely. When dealing with these deficiencies, you’re
much better off supplement specifically for them. If you lack Zinc and Magnesium, ZMA supplements
are the way to go. Women who lack folic acid during pregnancy
should supplement it directly. As you age, then multivitamins can be beneficial,
since deficiencies are greater the older you get. Also, strangely enough, multivitamins most
likely benefit those with lower incomes that cannot afford a diverse amount of food. Yet, they are the ones that are least likely
to buy them, and the people that are falls into the group that don’t need them. So, with all of this evidence surrounding
the lack of multivitamin benefits, why is it still so commonly used? Simple: It starts with the letter M and ends
with an empty wallet. Again, the supplement industry is huge and
much of its success comes from sales of multivitamins. And, it’s so simple to market: All they
have to say is “Take this pill and it will fix all of your problems.” And, the thing is, it’s hard to believe
that it won’t because it does in fact contain the nutrients that we technically need. But as we see it now, it has very little use
in pill form. We get more than enough nutrients from a balanced
diet containing fruits and veggies. Frankly, the idea of multivitamins can actually
create another problem when people start thinking that it’s okay to have a poor diet because,
no worries, you have “peace of mind” when taking a multivitamin. But, that’s like filling up your car’s
gas tank with chocolate milk and then thinking that adding one drop of gasoline will help
your car run just fine. Truth is, it doesn’t. This video is brought to you by the new Pencil
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100 thoughts on “Are Multivitamins a Waste of Money?

  1. Yes, because you need to have a healthy lifestyle and other supplements covering all areas in much higher doses..

  2. I stopped having leg cramps when I started taking multivitamins. So…for me at least, it’s clearly beneficial.

  3. They help if you do not get enough of a vitamin/mineral that they contain. If you get everything you need they do nothing. This is pretty common knowledge.

    The problem is that today we are often mistaking nutrition for magic. There are no over the counter pills you can take that will drastically change your life.

  4. Don't take isolates such vitamins from a bottle, you'll get everything you need from eating plant based raw healthy foods. It will correct y both your gut health and help the kidneys to start filtering out the metabolic wastes that are trapped in your lymphatic system and in turn will detoxify the body naturally. See Dr. Morse Videos for more info.

  5. When i look at RI behind vit glass it says 100% for all… those pills are age 12 and up, ok what we talking about recommended intake 1pill 100% for a 12 year old girl or 100% for a 40year old male working out 6days a week, think im gonna stop just stick to my magnesium500mg and cvitamin500mg, any thoughts?

  6. Everyone talking about this subject always sites that study measuring health by mortality rate and cancer and heart disease.
    That's sure not how I measure my health. I don't think anyone else does. It's not relevant to our everyday experience.
    I measure my health by how good I feel. As a bachelor who doesn't eat very well at all, I believe the multivitamins from nature sunshine that are derived from natural sources helps me out. Helps me feel better. By that measure, they work!

  7. I have been on and off about multivitamins. I take them, but then I forget. Sometimes I feel like I have more of a brain fog, lower speed and low performance at work despite eating and sleeping like I normally do. Often the only thing I can think that happened prior was skipping on the multivitamins. But even then Im not sure it is that. Especially since I take I big, mass produce brand of them. One a day Men's Pro edge.

  8. Multivitamins are all underdosed when compare to foods. And they are not honest on what they say on the back label to whats really in tablet/capsule.

  9. Pregnancy women should take folate as folic acid is actually poorly absorbed synthetic version. But good video

  10. Disagree. In many countries, like in mine, food quality is really low, so good multivitamins are like insurance to get everything body needs.

  11. I came here from a commercial telling me I should go buy their more expensive vitamins because you get what you pay for. This was educational to their bullshit. Thank you.

  12. Totally agree. People who don't eat good food needs MV but they are least likely to buy MV. People who can afford MV eats diversified food. They don't need MV. I had one year of MV with no noticeable effects of any kind.

  13. I just take them hoping it'll help getting vitamins that I dont,get with my,normal,and diet. It can't hurt right?

  14. This video is some what silly, multivitamins are supplement not replacement. They are there to help you supplement any deficiencies you might have, you still have to excersice and eat right. People who jog Get heart attacks too, does that mean that excersicing is a waste of time?

  15. I don’t know what vitamins you buy but mine is great quality and on cost 16 bucks for a 120 amount that lasts 3 months. That’s pretty cheap to cover your basic nutrition needs and you can just get more through proper diet.

  16. But multis are the most cheap supplement like a big bottle for like 30 bucks. Something that last years. Try pre workouts, like $50 for only one month!

  17. well i took it when i was sick and it's actually helpful but normally you don't just need em, like they advertise it would be real waste when i was sick i could not eat much so it was only option i had to supplement my immune system

  18. Imo it does something, I haven't been sick in a long time besides mv I take c, omega 3 and betaglukan only if I feel weak. Anyway the food we are eating has less and less nutrients each year so study form 2006 might not be valid anymore… Also it might just help to hit the required amount of vitamins and not to supplement those which you can't get form food. You get sick if you lack some vitamin, keep that in mind…

  19. most companies use synthetic vitamins so plant based vitamins and minerals are better and minerals are not found in food as much anymore no matter how healthy you eat so you must supplement them

  20. Whenever I was broke I would sneak a bottle of vitamins out of the local major chain supermarket. Helped me get through some rough times when all I had to eat was plain pasta

  21. Most multivitamins contain folic acid, which is a synthetic form of folate, found naturally in foods. Evidence suggests that many people have a hard time absorbing folic acid and it can accumulate in the blood and cause health problems etc.

    Also, iron. Just because you have low iron doesn't mean you should take an iron supplement. One example would be that when you are ill, the body will deliberately lower iron levels in the blood as a way of starving off the infection. Having too much iron build up in your body can kill you.

  22. Can anyone recommend a really good multivitamin for woman 25 + ? I’m been trying a lot and I don’t feel any different I’m always low on energy and I hate that feeling

  23. my mother had anemia and couldn´t eat properly. her doctor recommended a top of the line multi vitamin called mivi total to cover her needs. it DID improve many things in her system including energy which was the main concern. say what you want but unless you know you are covering your macros, micros, food quality, food sources, etc. it doesn´t hurt to take it and in many cases it is a benefit. if you eat 3500 eco/organic calories with every food group included, of course you don´t need any supplements but if you are sick, losing weight, cutting, dieting, etc. multi´s are insurance.

  24. 4:15 this is why multivitamins do make sense, they supplement diets that do not match your requirements due to budget restrictions. just because people overdo it doesnt make them obsolete

  25. If havent got any kind of ilnesses we can not be sure when we are going to die.Multivitamins are the thing which we need to improve the quality of the processes in our bodies. Sorry bad English

  26. None of what you side companies market supplements as is actually how they market them. If they do, it is some crap vitamin sup lying. One with a reputation won’t say anything you said. Moral is do research before buying.

  27. well when the soil has been drained of all nutrition, and the food genetically modified, even those with a bigger budget dont have access to clean healthy food, thus making more people susceptible to purchasing multivitamins.

  28. IMPORTANT for everyone who says "I still take it just in case" because you actually can take in too much of minerals and vitamins. For example if you take too much vitamin C you will get diarrhea. (wich is one of the milder ones) It is like they always say " The dose makes the poisen" and vitamins are no exception.

  29. 4:20 is one of the biggest reasons I buy vitamins. I can't afford to eat healthy, so I do what I can by buying vitamins and taking them with food for better absorption. I can't definitively tell exactly what areas they help me in, or how I feel different but I try to take them regardless.

    Also, skip pop/soda completely if you take this stuff. Soda will basically strip you and your body of that, last I heard.

  30. thx to your videos my friends and family think im a genius fitness maniac but in fact i just listen to what you say

  31. Vitamins and supplements for the most part have a placebo effect. I don't recommend them and I don't take them either.

  32. This was informative but I fall in the people with low income category and can't always eat right so I take my multivitamin when I can. To get those nutrients. The commercials I've seen never said anything about "Curing all your problems " They usually say a multivitamin for nutrients you may be missing. I dont care if it only gives you 400 Iu out of 1000 and 2000 Iu .At least I'm getting some of those nutrients in me. Rather not at all. Your opinion on vitamins Is good but one sided. You probably can afford to eat a well balanced diet but for most people we eat on the fly and lives are very busy. So multivitamins are amazing.

  33. As a GNC employee. We never old multivitamins on the basis that they would fix all of a person's problems or prevent death. We marketed them to help "fill nutritional gaps" in a person's diet. I typically would ask a person what their diet was like before selling it.

  34. My Uncle is a Doctor, here’s an advice that was given Yes Multivitamin is worth it. But make sure you get the organic one, example Vitamin C is usually ascorbic acid, that’s synthetic and lab created, get the fruit extract. Also get additional Vitamin C and D. Salmon fish oil. Lastly it will not cure your cancer, but it is reversible through diet. Oh and one last thing, “Doctors are not suppose to Cure, they just treat you” for every person that is cure, business will go down” and yes there is cure for HIV he said, it’s a secret that Gov will kill you if you do.

  35. My friend has been batteled with cancer …her doctor never ever recommend any sort of multivitamin …never
    I only remember she had so much carrit jiuce and was eating mushrooms alot … multivitamins are waste of money for 3 reasons
    1)it damages your kidneys
    2)will cause water retention
    3)cause High liver enzyme which is so bad
    Instead of multivitamin you can just eat healthy amount of friutes

  36. I take a multi-vitamin before bed and i always have better sleep. I Usually have very vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares but i always feel like I've slept better and feel refreshed in the morning. Before i took them i was always tossing and turning in bed and waking up the next day i felt fatigued even tho id had adequate sleep. Maybe its some placebo effect and I'm pissing my money down the toilet, who knows. I have a pretty decent diet but i don't think diet alone i could get all the nutrients i need, so i do use them as a back up plan in a way. For me they seem to help so ill continue to use them.

  37. Did Pharma pay you to say this? your video is misleading. it's called SUPPLEMENTS NOT REPLACEMENTS .. you need a variety of vitamins come from fresh fruits, veggies and meats from your meals. Multivitamin supplement is to cover up the little gap you left in meals.

  38. my mother has anemia and a vitamin deficiency. her doctor recommended a vitamin called mil vitol which is liquid, tastes horrible but is of the best quality. say what you want but my mother greatly benefited from this supplement. sure, if you eat a balanced diet with all organic, natural veggies and fruits, grass fed, farm proteins, etc. but who actually has the money for that or if you simply cannot eat so much.

  39. Let’s solve this right now; who things they are taking all the Vitamins necessary? Do you feel like your body lacks something that gives you mood change, joints pain etc..? Does a multi-vitamin have any bad side effects? Does it cost more then 30 cent a day? Then take that shit!!

  40. -bad supplementation can lead to worse health. Ex. Vit E, beta carotene
    -there are little evidences that multivitamins help you, unless you're deficient, which is usually not the case for developed countries (usa, uk)
    -some nutrients are more commonly deficient
    -multivitamins don't give you enough of those and it's better to supplement them directly
    -poor people usually need multivitamins more than less poor people (but poor people buy them less, and non-poor people buy them more)

  41. Fact: people CAN overdose on vitamins. Some effects are not immediate, and overtime they increase mortality risks, not prevent it.

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