12 thoughts on “A Maui family will lose $32 thousand after a cruise line refuses to refund their trip to China

  1. Delta and United are not canceling their flights to China due to the coronavirus but canceling flights because there is a mass amount of flights being cancelled. Deception!

  2. Listen. If I book a cruise, in the fine print, it covers the company if they don't do a particular port due to schedule change. This family won't get reimbursed. Nice try though!

  3. Never undertood people and cruises I never wanted to go on them if I want to go see a place I want to get there as fast as possible not be stuck on a ship for days sailing someone with thousands of other people plus you could have spent that amount of money traveling to many many different places now you out a giant amount of money.

  4. Treat the Coronavirus with Corona beers and have them drink it out of their systems as the antidote. Corona will happily take your orders.🍺

  5. The family should go on the trip. The cruise line assured their safety. Look at it this way, If the family catches the corona virus then the cruise line will be solely responsible. I'd sue em for $50 million each person that caught the virus! The fact is that since the cruise line wants to play with their customers safety they should be able to pay for the risk themselves.

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