100 thoughts on “35 SERIOUSLY Frugal Habits to Live By (Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Build Wealth)

  1. I quit buying zip lock bags. I bought reusable zip lock bags from Amazon. Love them! Plus when they do wear out they are recyclable. I do still buy paper towels but only use them for draining cooked bacon, sausage, any cooked food that needs to be drained. For napkins I bought a cheap pack of washcloths. These are great especially if you are eating something messy like BBQ. Just wet the washcloth. I also gradually replaced all my plastic containers with glass ones. We all know glass lasts forever and it doesn’t stain when storing your spaghetti sauce. I also save glass containers that come with food I buy. Free storage jars in place of buying Mason jars. Just a few of the changes we have made.

  2. I stopped buying anything for decorating the house, sold a lot of what I had. I only buy clothing when I need it not because it’s on sale. I don’t even like to shop anymore.
    I go though every area of my house at least once a month, if I didn’t use
    An item that I thought I might use,
    It is now donated or sold.
    I try to do all of my errands in one trip, we don’t eat out often. I retired a few months ago and try to live with what I have. I paid of my car before I retired and hope I won’t need to buy another. Or we’d just have one car.

  3. Although I like the ideas and do some of this. You have one life and therefore live and be happy and enjoy it. You work hard and a small treat monthly is good for you.

  4. When my brother was young I gave him the idea to save all his change for one year and so he did. Before Christmas he had $120 and he used it to buy Christmas presents 🎁

  5. I just found this now but I will use all of these for 2020 with our baby due, we lost our house this year due to lead poisoning because the landlord didn’t tell us he used lead paint in the house, so moving instantly set us back. But I can’t wait to be back on track ❤️

  6. Lol this is so true I’ve never heard in my life about dryers in Europe! They do sell them but nobody buys them here, I love the smell and the humidity of fresh clothes. Would never spend money (not the mention the electricity bill!) on dryers. Great video!

  7. My tiny hacks:
    Cut cotton pads (those for removing makeup etc.) in half or even in quarters (works for me)
    Reusing paper – when one side is white you can still write on it OR cut it so you have little "notepads" – one paper (A4) into 4, 6 or 8 pieces – these are great for little notes, reminders, grocery lists, to-do lists etc.

  8. Thank you so much for your channel. I'm so glad I found your channel today. ♥️😃 I'm learning a lot and gaining some helpful perspectives.

  9. My dad told me years ago the “20% rule” – live like you make 20% less and always stash the margin. I always save well and am never short.

  10. I cut the tube of my face sunscreen cream and get four more extra days of use. I use public transport, colour my own hair, when my son was a bub I used mostly cloth nappies, I only spend money that I have in my account – debit card not credit, buy good meat on special and make use of loyalty points.

  11. you have no idea how hard is to overcome an addiction. i keep watching this kind of vids and yet i can't slow down buying so many clothes.


  13. I love your suggestions, however, everything should be done in moderation. Remember that our consumer dollars help the economy and save jobs.

  14. your internet / cable is not alwayz the final price. i worked in a satellite tv company before funny enough we always have credits but it has its limits but hey 5-10off is still something

  15. Save a ton on toilet paper with cloth toilet paper. Its the same concept, cleanliness and laundry as cloth diapers but for adults

  16. Wash your hair with a few tablespoons of baking soda in water. Cleans quickly. Rinses out easily. I do a final rinse with vinegar water. Hair comes out shiny. Cost – 2 cents? 🙂

  17. I take my lotion tubes and cut them open just to scoop out the last of it. You would be surprised how much is left in a tube after no more comes out when squeezing.

  18. I used to rent movies, tv shows, from the library instead of having cable. Most of my adult life I’ve lived without cable and when I did have it, it was on one channel, pretty much, 24/7. Not worth the expense.

  19. I'm sorry, but I am getting tired of you saying "You have to…". Nobody has to do anything they don't want to do. "You might want to" or "you might like to try" would be a better phrase.

  20. Quick question when you talked about reusable menstrual pads. Do you recommend a brand. I have been wanting to do this for years. Right now I'm pregnant with my third blessing but I'm thinking for the future. Just not sure where to start. Thank you for your videos.

  21. DivaCups saved me so much on feminine products an they operate almost like having a tampon. No more luxury tax for me!

  22. It's extremes, but I use small squares of cloth for toilet paper for #1. I drink so much water, I use the bathroom a million times a day. Doing this has saved me TONS in tp costs, and better for the environment. I toss them in a regular load of laundry in a net bag, and it takes up no room!
    I also use rags to clean up really dirty things, and wash them if they are not too gross, toss them if they are. Old clothes, old stained towels, old sheets old socks and underwear. There is ALWAYS something that could be cut up and used as rags. I use a diaper pail liner for my trash bin. I put all wet trash into small grocery bags, or Amazon bags, or cereal bags, bread bags, whatever…before putting it in the bin, to keep the liner clean. I have two, so when one is dirty, I can throw it in the wash and use the other. I use bar soap instead of liquid. Even for dishes. Use a brush on the soap. I make all my own cleaners. This year I decided not to buy any new clothes or decor. Either used or DIY only. So many more…

  23. Thanks for sharing your great tips……have to mention i noticed the Dave Ramsey picture in the frame in your background!…….Another fan of his here…….hence why i am watching YOU!

  24. I am not very frugal. I often try, but I want to live and enjoy life too. I do pack my lunch and I usually do not buy coffee out. But if I want to have a glass of wine at night, I will get a bottle of good wine, I want to enjoy it. I do not want to save 10$ and then hate it all night . I thrift my outfits often, but I also have passion for designer bags. I buy them, even if I don't need them. Why? because I want to do so. I cook a healthy meal at home a lot, but if I feel like going out, I will. And I order a tasty steak or fish and again, I am not saving 15-20$ here. I want to have a great experience and to enjoy my meal.

  25. But doesn't using cloth pads cause you to use more water and detergent, washing them over and over again, in addition to the time spent washing?

  26. #5 will not work for me. I rather get disposable sanitary napkin than keep washing the clothe for the following reason (I’m always rushing since single mom-bz bz schedule- so no time to manually wash clothe).
    1) the time to wash the clothe
    2) the detergent to use
    3) the water
    4) drying it
    5) i don’t like bloody clothe sitting in the laundry basket waiting to be washed.

    Besides that I love your video.

  27. My weakness when I have extra money is buying groceries. I spend way too much on things I normally don't buy, then guilt sets in.

  28. What a shame about some of the truly bad comments on this video I give it a fat thumbs up. People have respect for the time and effort someone has gone to produce a video .

  29. Frugal people don’t buy cars and rely on public transportation, biking and walking to get to their destination. Walking and cycling gives a frugal person free exercise and Vitamin D-3 ( through sunshine).
    To get to a vacation a frugal person would take Amtrak or a bus.

  30. Frugal people do NOT use Coinstar and pay 10 to 12% fee to that company. Some banks give out free coin wrappers. Dollar tree sells huge bags of wrappers. Counting out coins and teaching kids how to make change is a valuable lesson

  31. A frugal person would teach his child about money and getting a job early in life such as yard work or bagging groceries

  32. You're so young and so wise. I liked this video. Thank you. I already do most of the things you mention because I live in a poor country and I grew up with very little. Now as an adult I do fairly OK but I still live frugally. I have built my own house. It's small but comfortable and I am debt free. Living a debt free life and not accumulating stuff you don't need or buying things excessively is really peaceful. I don't stress over money. I have been criticised by friends, though, because I don't buy clothes as often as they do and I don't keep up with fashion. I just don't like having a closet full of clothes and not wear most of it, like they do. I really use up all of my clothes until they are super worn out.
    In my twenties I won a scholarship and I lived in the States for a year. I was shocked at how much stuff people have there and how much food and things are wasted. while I was there, I didn't have a lot of money because I had a stipend but I made every dollar stretch to the maximum. I did lot of free activities for entertainment and I became a member of a local library for free. I could take all the books and DVDs I wanted for free. That was great. You don't need to have a lot and spend a lot to be happy. In the States if people take care of their resources they can live very well. Living frugally is actually a positive thing like you mention.

  33. Real funny, I think the Frugal way is the Dutch way cause this, for me, is just a "normal" lifestyle 😂 most of it at least.

  34. I mean this in the nicest way I can, I'm a little worried. Having been vegan for 2 years, I recognized right away that you were "plant based" because you have the same signs of physical vegan deterioration I had before I quit the lifestyle. Those are signs that the rest of your health is beginning to deteriorate as well in ways you cant see or tell as easily. Please look into vegan deterioration (not necessarily the yt channel under that name), your health usually appears excellent the first 2 or so years and then starts to quickly fall apart in ways that may be permanent if you dont make changes quickly. Luckily if you catch it in the first few years you can usually recover pretty quickly.

  35. if you have to travel downtown for an appointment, park in the far away area where it is free parking….you have to walk a bit but it is a win win situation for your wallet and health!

    …look for the reduced produce in grocery stores

    …cook in large batches..

    soak your own dried goods…a bag of beans or lentils cost a couple bucks and makes several "cans" worth saving you tons!!

    i could go on and on

  36. I’m in college and I’m really hoping to be as frugal as possible because I know I will have student debt to pay off once I get out of school . Just last month I bought my own car is cash from savings that I had from working 3 jobs at once + babysitting. I also looked up a lot of videos on YouTube on car maintenance and already replaced a couple of air filters myself. My parents were insisting that I go to a car parts store and ask them to do it. It was so simple and I’m glad I did it myself. I also really think the concept of comparison shopping is so important! It’s so easy too with the internet. It’s something my parents don’t do that I wish they would start doing

  37. Hi there! I was wondering if you’ve found that you have saved up a lot money – is it invested or in a saving account? What are your saving goals? And have you paid off your mortgage? Thanks!!

  38. I never bought a new car until 2014 when the GM Card gave me $3000 and they also had $2k in dealer incentives so I bought a new Cruze Eco for a little over $17k (cash). It has been good with zero problems and delivers over 40 mpg/ hwy.

  39. I used to work with someone whose philosophy was buy buy buy. I asked him once if buying things gave him some sort of rush. He acted like I was an alien from outer space. I'm still using the gas grille that he threw out which only needed new burner supports. ($20).

  40. Like the things suggested, but be careful that the desire to "accumulate wealth or get out of debt" doesn't become your god. While having ice tea costs money, is your husband allowed NO little splurges ever???? Bet that ice tea brings a lot of joy and that is a form of praising God. If he wants to practice total detachment to material things, then that IS different and even little luxuries might be out. Some of the things we do is wait to turn on the heat in the winter until we really need it. Can often be end of October to mid-November here in Mass; set the thermostat at 65-68 and leave it there; have throws on chairs and couches if someone feels cool; turn the heat off asap in spring; shut off lights in any room not being used; make our own snacks and treats (sometimes); join a babysitting coop or enlist family; learn to groom our own dog.

  41. My boyfriend’s head light went out, and he was going to pay upwards of $75. I thought that was way to much. Got the headlight for $15 , and I changed it for him. I thought it was kinda fun.

  42. Well I will b honest with you, having trouble being Frugal. At my age which in 70's I kinda am getting tired of having to watch my money. Here starting a new month I will have certain bills have to pay. In future have plans to take short trip which I enjoy to do. This video is making me pay attention. Just need to vent!!!

  43. 1. I never order take out i make it myself….it is a shocking difference between making your own pizza and ordering from a chain pretty much a tenth of the price
    2. Buy a coffee machine…the best purchase i ever made for my home and i buy the pods for it once a year gor the whole year when they are on a special price at Christmas….again you are talking about literally a tenth of the price bewtween the one you make and a chain brand
    3. Never ever pay full price for anything if you can,certainly the more expensive things…when i bought all my kitchen equipment like pots,frying pans,sheet and baking trays,pyrex dishes of all shapes and sizes i waited for the end of the "season range" clearance and got everything for at least 75% off and bought a ton of them as well

  44. #36
    I stopped using a rolled up hundred dollar bill everytime I snorted coke. Now I use a straw. Uh, one of those metal reusable ones that's better for the planet. So double brownie points for me!

  45. I agree with everything except the god part. All religions are false and man made. Creationism is a failed hypothesis!

  46. Most of these ideas my wife and I already use, but some ideas I didn’t see on here are..
    1: Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The best sales for a new TV is the door buster deals at places like Best Buy, Walmart and Target. One guy makes it a fun family habit to camp at the local Best Buy near me every single year. You can get a lot of wonderful deals on electronics (bought 8 $40 dollar phones for $8 a piece, 55” Sharp Roku TV for $250 and so many other awesome electronics for cheap during 2018’s Black Friday), appliances, video games (Best time to buy that new Call of Duty game that just came out without having to wait for it to be Old), DVDs & Blu-Rays, kitchen accessories (bought high end Rachael Ray pots and pans 15 piece set for $89.99 instead of the normal $199.99 price just last year), toys, clothes, food and much more during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re not interested in going out into the massive mess of people, you can always use online those days and still reap the savings without the stress.
    2: Take advantage of TV Sales at the beginning of the new year. Last years models will be on sale at the beginning of the new year.
    3: Antenna was mentioned in the video, but I want to add some advice. Use antennadirect dot com to find out which channels you should be able to pull. You could also use the free 1-877 number on the site to talk to a real person and find out exactly what kind of an antenna you’d need.
    4: If an Antenna doesn’t work well for you, you could buy a FTA (Free To Air) Satellite and have someone come in and install it for you professionally. A little research online will get you to understand more about FTA Satellites and how to find someone or a company to install it for you. Who knows, maybe you want both an Antenna and a FTA Satellite
    5: Use an Android TV Box, Firestick, Roku, Raspberry Pi or PC to help with cutting the cord. Chances are you’ve got internet for the house and not just your phone, and making use of one or more of these devices can help assist cutting the cord. If you’re good with computers or know someone good with computers, I recommend an Android TV Box (either a Mi Box or Nvidia Shield would do wonderful, eBay has a lot of Chinese Android boxes that are interesting to check out too). Google PlayStore is available for the Mi Box and Nvidia Shield, so you can easily download a lot of apps such as PlutoTV, PBS Kids and YouTube free without much knowledge, but for those with more experience in computers you could download apps like Mobdro, Kodi, TV Tap, Redbox TV ThopTV and so much more free and access free live cable.
    6: For video gamers, learn to Jailbreak game consoles. It’s safe free and legal.. you can add a lot of amazing content. If you’re not good at this stuff, I recommend buying it pre Jailbroken.. people like me will Jailbreak a PS3, Wii or other game console and sell it on Facebook Market Place with a lot of content. You can also buy a Raspberry Pi with a lot of preloaded video games from Nintendo to PlayStation.. I’ve got many ways on saving money on video games, but I want to keep it basic.
    7: Couponing and couponing while sales are going on. Print coupons, buy Sunday news paper or ask people who get the Sunday paper to give you what they don’t use.. sometimes you can get someone that works (a paper carrier, generally a bundle route paper carrier) for your local news paper plant to give you their returns.
    8: Club Stores like Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s. (My wife and I use a $100 membership for $10 reward every $500 spent and are able to buy a membership with the rewards each year plus have a little extra left over for spending)
    9: Fishing and Hunting among Foraging and Gardening. Just moved into a new house with a 15 year mortgage and we’ve got a creek I plan to use for fishing (already lived close by the creek, but now live closer, but used to use the creek for innertubing and plan to do a lot of that this summer. We also have 3 gardens at the house we plan to use. We also plan to plant a lot of berry bushes.)
    10: Use state forests for free camping (my wife, kids and I go camping for free every year in the state forests)
    11: In addition to couponing, sales and even Black Friday or Cyber Monday, use apps like Ebates (now called Rakuten) and BeFrugal.. there are lots of start up rewards and referral rewards. Don’t forget Ibotta or Swagbucks. (When I bought my 55” 4K UHD HDR TV for $250 I also used EBates for a $5 rebate using Ebates, so a “$450” value TV was now $245 instead of $250)
    12: When Christmas shopping for siblings and their family, buy a combined family gift for their family. (I’ve got over 20 nephews and nieces, so it’s tough buying for all of them and my siblings, what do I do, buy them a family gift such as a movie or video game for their family game console. Best part is I can buy a top high end movie on that just came out recently on Black Friday since it’s close to Christmas time)
    13: Working out at home or take advantage of near by parks, bike trails (live right next to a bike trail that I’ve adored since I was young) and other free to use areas.
    14: Those on access or disability (don’t be embarrassed to use it) can or may be able to take advantage of free government phones, free gym memberships at the WMCA or other gyms, free or reduced lunch for kids at school, discounts on things like Amazon Prime, electric bills, gas bills, internet bills and much more.
    15: Find free Online Samples (lots of awesome samples such as food, drinks, drink mix, coffee, tea, tooth paste and more)
    16: LED Light Bulbs.. do some research, they cost a little extra but will save a lot on the electric bill.
    17: Set the hot water heater to 120 degrees fahrenheit.
    18: Take advantage of store closing sales.. it’s generally sad when a store goes out of business, but taking advantage of their sales is definitely far from sad.
    19: Yard sales are amazing among thrifting.
    20: Hybrid car to use electric and gas.. no, I never bought one, but maybe it’s an idea to research.
    21: Electric scooter for those that can’t ride bicycle because of bad knees or whatever.. or maybe because some electric scooters can go 25 mph and you’d like to get somewhere faster (okay some can ride bike that fast, but not all of us are champion bike riders).
    22: Building your own furniture and shelves..
    23: Get free pallets from local businesses to build furniture or use as fire wood for a bond fire.
    24: Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, Craigslist and other do it yourself sales apps usually have good deals and sometimes free items you may find useful or need.
    25: Buy gift cards online. There are special sites where people sell their undesired gift cards they receive on Christmas or birthdays and generally you get them for more than 5% off.
    26: Fix all leaking water and install new toilet fixtures.
    27: Insulate homes to keep heat during the winter or cool air during the summer in. Look for all small cracks and crevices and block them off.
    28: Share Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, Disney+ and other accounts amongst family and friends. For example.. You buy Netflix and want Hulu too, so you can share Netflix to a sibling with Hulu and get their Hulu.
    29: Buy rechargeable AA or AAA batteries for electronics that don’t already have a rechargeable battery in them.
    30: Solar Panels. They might be expensive to buy, but they will save a lot of money generally within the first 5-10 years of buying.
    31: Buy or get for free tools with rust that need repaired and re sharpened.
    32: Use YouTube for DIY projects, and learn how to do more around the house such as sewing or repairs.
    33: Non contract cell phones or even land line phones like Straight Talk
    34: Make free gifts for holidays if not buying family gift for siblings with their own family.
    35: Take advantage of grand openings of stores. Just like with closings of a store, the grand opening of a store can also have its benefits with sales and free give aways. Received a free $10 gift card and couple other items from a Dollar General Store during its grand opening.
    36: Join Facebook coupon groups for more advice on couponing.
    37: When fishing, find your own bait if it’s possible.
    38: Save pennies and buy US Bonds to invest them for even more money down the road.
    For right now this is all I can think of, but maybe I’ll edit later with extra ideas..

  47. At places where you can’t camp, try Airbnb. There are so many affordable options and you will save a lot compared to what you pay for the Hotel stay.

  48. I wear gently used shoes all the time. I’ve found some amazing shoes that have very little wear for .25 cents to $4. My little one wears her cousins hand me downs and doesn’t mind a bit. Believe me, I’ve tried buying her new shoes and she wears the cousins anyway. 🤷‍♀️

  49. She's so right about putting a little water in those bottles. I use a very high-end shampoo, and when the bottle is "empty", I get another month or so out of it by putting a bit of water in it and shaking it.

  50. It is very strange, because what is to be considered "frugal" or "minimal" in the USA is seen as "normal household management " in Europe. This is really interesting, isn't it??? Really like your video, thanks for sharing your tips!

  51. I thought that I am frugal woman but when after watching your tips apparently I am a big spender (Haha), I never could imagine that with simple tricks can save your budget; thanks a lot for your brilliant tricks, it helps to overcome some troubles in our life, I give you my warm welcome from Kazakhstan

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