32 Money & Life Lessons I’ve learned – for my 32nd birthday πŸŽ‚

32 Money & Life Lessons I’ve learned – for my 32nd birthday πŸŽ‚

hey friends it’s my birthday! so having
your birthday at the beginning of the year means two things: one as a child you
will always get a very unfair combo of birthdays slash Christmas presents and
you will never be allowed to have a pool party because it’s January and – as an
adult you will mentally align your birthday with the new year not realizing
that for everyone else the start of a new calendar year and the start of a new
year of life are completely separate things also still no one will let you
have a pool party so I turned 32 this week and I wanted to
talk about some of the things that I’ve learned in my life I certainly don’t
have everything figured out but I do have some stuff pretty well handled so
let’s jump into 32 money and life lessons that I have learned in my 32
years number one we are all so incredibly lucky to be here if you have
a working body and mind you’ve hit the damn lottery don’t forget it – if you
don’t fold and put away your laundry the same day as you wash and dry it it will
sit in baskets unfold it for a week or more mocking you and making you feel
like you don’t have your life together three you probably have your life some
more together than you think if you have a job a safe place to live food and some
money you’re doing better than most of the planet and should be grateful for
those basic things every day for no one is out to get you
they’re far too busy caring about themselves if someone is out to get you
it says a lot more about them than you and the best way to deal is to pray for
them five expiration dates on canned food are highly arbitrary unregulated
and are mostly there to get you to buy more canned food it’s not dented and it
looks and smells fine it’s probably fine number six
being kind cost nothing number seven money is there for three reasons one to
keep you safe clothed and warm two to let you enjoy and experience this world
in your life and three to help others who have less than you eight everyone
deserves a safe place to live food to eat and clothing on their back but no
one deserves a vacation or luxuries until they have the money to pay for it
themselves number nine going hard and cutting out
all the luxuries and niceties to get out of my debt in three years was the
smartest thing I have ever committed you and is my greatest accomplishment so far
in life the short-term sacrifices mean that I now have nearly infinite more
options available to me and that choice will add literal
of dollars to my wealth over the course of the rest of my life not exaggerating
10 you’re probably washing your hair too often 11 paying interest on credit cards
is the dumbest thing you can do with money
more so than setting it on fire because at least that is a finite amount lost
instantly not something that compounds and grows use that knowledge accordingly
12 comparing yourself to others is a waste of time and a killer of dreams
passion and motivation your life is yours your path is yours and you don’t
have to have squat done by any age to be successful and happy thirteen books are
a freaking miracle being able to learn from others and experience the worlds
that they’ve created is the coolest damn thing and I feel really bad for animals
as they will only ever be able to live their own lives
14 when someone shows you who they really are believe them 15 always keep
jumper cables in your car it’s dumb not to 16 people are more important than
things always 17 leftovers that have been in the fridge too long are not
worth chanting food poisoning over 18 good friends will vastly improve your
life but you must put in regular work and time to keep those relationships
alive the older you are the harder it is to make deep connections and your oldest
friends will save you from repeating mistakes because they remember the last
time that you did that thing and they have pictures 19 ask for what you want
and you’ll often get it 20 crying is not something to be ashamed of 21 learning
how to cook is one of the most life-improving things that you can do it
will save you thousands of dollars be personally fulfilling and make you
happier 22 no one will advocate for you better than
you so stand up for yourself in all situations 23 having some money saved
just for emergencies is priceless and will improve your mental health and will
before emergencies happen less when you’re prepared 25 don’t be embarrassed
to take a lot of pictures or do anything you enjoy live short 26 back up your
computer in your phone electronics tend to break at the leaf
convenient times get an external hard drive cloud storage or a bunch of thumb
drives and just do it at least quarterly 27 expensive doesn’t always mean better
28 being brave is far more likely to improve your life than to make it worse
ovary up every once in a while and you’ll be glad you did 29 don’t buy any
clothing that you have to talk to yourself into if it’s not a hell yes
then it’s a hell now 30 when it comes to money its airplane mask rules you have
to help yourself before you help others 31 procrastination is mostly fear and 32
be kind to yourself in your own head your relationship with yourself is
vastly important and affects every aspect of your life so that’s my list
definitely doesn’t include everything but I think that covers the gist of it I
recently had a discussion with a new friend about life in your 20s versus
your 30s and your 40s she’s in her 20s and I’m of course now in my 30s and
while getting older isn’t always smiled upon in society as a woman I’m pretty
grateful to be in the decade of life that I am I feel so much more
comfortable and confident in my own skin now than I did in my 20s I feel like I
take less shit from people like I’m less scared of the world I don’t think it’s
gonna eat me up and spit me out anymore I can identify toxic workplaces
relationships and people and call that out / not put up with it I am so much
smarter about money and I feel like I have more self-control discernment and
generally have my life together a whole lot more than I did in my 20s and that’s
good that is the way it’s supposed to be if you aren’t
growing and improving what are you doing exactly now five to ten years from now I
will probably consider this incarnation of myself a sweet summer child who knew
almost nothing but that’s okay I look forward to meeting her she’s probably a
badass and I think I’m pretty cool too so thank y’all for watching if you would
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please like this video and any and everybody is invited to share a money or
life lesson that they’ve learned down in the comment section I’ll see you when
I’m older bye you you

100 thoughts on “32 Money & Life Lessons I’ve learned – for my 32nd birthday πŸŽ‚

  1. Happy Birthday BG. Liked your life lessons. Wait until you are in your 50's and realize you really don't know everything. I have YouTube and you to thank for that, so thank you for your awesomeness. May you have many more birthdays and incredible life lessons to share. EDIT: Have a pool party at a hotel with an indoor pool. Just sayin'.

  2. Happy Birthday from a fellow January birthday friend! You have helped me do much with money issues and it’s so nice to follow your progress.

  3. If it helps, I'm a July baby and still have never had a pool party. Happy birthday Sarah! Have a blessed frugal and fabulous year!

  4. Happy birthday! My birthday is the day after Christmas so I feel you about the combo birthday presents and no pool party. 😞 hugs.

  5. Sarah. I enjoyed your advise. Also happy birthday. I have watched your videos and your Journey for years now. Recently I have had my young teenager start watching your channel as she starts to plan her life. Your are a amazing role model but I was a little taken aback at how much "language" was in this video. Please understand I am not trying to come off as judgy. I am just wondering if this is the new normal. Thank you

  6. "No one is out to get you"

    I needed to hear SO many of these! Saving this video to replay on bad/"bad" days πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday!!

  7. Good list! My birthday is in July (and I never had a pool party . . hmm). But as kid I always felt sorry for friends that had their birthday during the school year. I thought it was so weird to be 2 different ages during the same grade of school. Haha. Kid logic.

  8. Happy birthday, Sarah! And I loved all of these. πŸ₯° I’m a couple years older than you, but this stuff….. some people never learn it. I’m so glad to have the privilege of continuing to watch your journey!πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

  9. #33 ….Other people's opinion of you are actually none of your business. Your not for everyone and it's not you job or responsibility to change that opinion but it is your job to live honestly, ethically and not hurt others. Happy birthday BG!

  10. Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday is December 28 so it always gets lumped in with Christmas. My boss was born on Christmas. You hit the nail on the head when you described life in your 30's versus your 20's. I felt the same way and now that I am in my 40's I feel like this is my best decade yet.

  11. I have a March birthday and always wanted a pool party πŸ™ one year my mom took us to a hotel with an indoor pool…that was as close as I got lol

  12. I too am a winter baby, December 13th ,. My parents were very intentional about gift giving. I never got less than my siblings but their gifts were spaced out over the year and mine were clumped all together. I so wanted to celebrate with a picnic. Happy Birthday.

  13. Wait until you hit your forties! Then, you REALLY don't care what others think. I feared turning 40 but it has actually been even better than my thirties. Happy birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Great list! At 51, I'm confident that this will be my best decade yet! Yay for growth and progress!

  15. 1. Don't push if someone is not ready. But decide if it's worth the wait for you
    2. Some friendships break off like any other relationship and it's nothing to be ashamed of if you don't feel the connection after a few years
    3. Be healthy but enjoy your pizzas
    4. Only your dog and parents will love you unconditionally. Everybody else has conditions

  16. I agree .if you are in debt,scale back as far as you can possibly go.barest of bare necessities only.basic food.
    Use what you have.
    Drink water.
    Focus on the 4 walls.

  17. Happy Birthday. The biggest money lesson I have learned in my 30s is to give every dollar I earn a job or spending plan.

  18. My daughter's birthday is in January, but she always got too many gifts because of after Christmas specials. But yeah, no pool parties πŸ™‚

  19. 31: Procrastination is mostly fear.
    I just wrote that on a piece of paper and sticked it to the wall above my desk. The best advice for the last 9 months of my studies and hopefully it will remind me when Iβ€˜m stuck during my papers and my exam preparation. Thank you very much! ❀️

  20. Happy Birthday. My bday is Dec 26. So I can relate to no pool party. Or my party. By my bday everyone is all partied out. Good advice for 30’s. I’m 51 now. My life’s motto is” revenge is sweeter when you do nothing, don’t give into negative energy” and β€œIf you help someone, expect nothing in return and you will always have”. ❀️ BG

  21. Brilliant video! Are you sure you're only 32???? I grew up in a paycheck to paycheck household that made me very fearful of being in debt. I realized when I was a young adult that I needed to have money saved for emergencies. Security has always been more important to me than a new car or vacation. #1 – live below your means. #2 – Be kind Happy BirthdayπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ¨πŸ₯‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ

  22. Happy birthday!! If you want a Pool party, move to Australia. It was 46 degrees here on Friday (which I think is 115 degrees for you). It was hot!!!!!

  23. Not true. My birthday was December 15th, I got double everything, because my mom always made sure my brother and I had separate Christmas and birthdays….just saying. Happy belated.

  24. As I've gotten older (I leveled up to 45 in January), I noticed I really do care less and less about things are not important to me or my family. My friend says the older we get the less f*cks we give and by the time we are 50 we may not give any. I'm leaning into this belief.

  25. My son's bday is 4 days after Christmas and he always gets the same amount of time/gifts/cake/etc that my other child does that was born in the fall. I have a sibling born on Christmas day and my mother was always very good about that too so I think I took that page out of her book. The funny thing is that it's because of budgeting that we're able to do this. We have money set aside for birthday as well as a fund just for Christmas. Having a good Christmas doesn't take away from the budget for birthdays. As my son has gotten older though, he is the one taking advantage of the two being so close together and requesting more expensive items and saying that it can count for both, haha.

    Also, I LOVE your top. So pretty!

  26. Happy Birthday. Always remember getting older is the best cause if you are not getting older, you are in the grave and that would suck.

  27. Happy belated birthday. Great video. One can always learn more, but you seem pretty stinkin wise already (coming from a 50 yr old).

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