3 Easy Simple Ways To Make (GOOGLE MONEY) Online 2020!

3 Easy Simple Ways To Make (GOOGLE MONEY) Online 2020!

all righty guys in today’s video I’m
gonna show you three simple ways that you can make Google money here in 2020
already so you don’t want to stick around see this video get all the
details I’m gonna get you started here right now okay guys welcome back to the video and
as I told you before we’re going to show you three easy ways or simple ways to
make money on Google or through Google and it’s good for all 2020 to be good to
do this at any time all right so all righty well first of all my name
is Kevin Langer with Kevin – laner dot-com website and if this is your
first time here to my videos what we do here is how to videos anything to do
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all right guys well with that all out of the way here let’s get started in the
beige video here right now what we’re going to do is come over here to Opera
browser and load up this site right here munch I comm you see it up there in the
address bar munch Icom kind of a strange sound a name for a website huh it is but
anyways this website is all of the internet marketing launches on warrior
plus calm and jvzoo.com as well now if you don’t have a an account on warder
plus or jvzoo.com all you got to do is just go to those sites it’s free to sign
up for an account all right it’s just that easy now what we’re going to do
here as you see these are all the upcoming and current product launches
you can see by the dates right here there’s three of them that just launched
today but what we’re going to what you’re going to want to do is when you
get here you can want to scroll down and pick a launch that’s about a one-week
out about a one week away from the launch because you’re going to need to
it’s going to take you some time to get prepared then get set up for the launch
so that you’re in the top position when the launch happens and you’d be
ready to make the most money here with this alright so what you going to do for
this example I’m going to choose one week out you know it’s March the 31st
you see right here I don’t know if I don’t get close to that or not here but
it’s right here this one right here Mike from Maine it’s the name of the product
is $300 day and it launches on March the 31st that’s a good week out so it gives
us some time to get set up to make money with this all right now so what you want
to do is you want to click on this link right here and it should bring you over
to the this page right here and you can see that the launch is going through
jvzoo.com so get get yourself signed up there for free and get ready for this
and now you can pick any of the launches that you want here I’m just using this
one as an example to show you how do you show you how you can do this all right
now and then what you see here is the product name is called $300 day and the
launch date is March the 31st as you see right here and what you’re going to do
is come down here and click on the JV page right here alright and when you
click on that that loads up this page right here brings you over here you’re
going to want to sign up here to get your links and any notices and be
eligible for prizes because there are prizes here as you can see in this
launch that you can win so whoever sells the most will win $2,000 right on top of
the money they’ve made from promoting this particular launch now you can then
when you get signed up you can get your links right here
and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to come down all the way to
the bottom of the page and you see that this is Mike from Maine he’s the guy
that’s launching this product he’s the owner of the product and what you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna contact him here’s this email address he’s got his
Facebook address and his Skype ID – but what you want to do is send him an email
and ask him for a review copy ok you want to ask for a review
B of this product or the review page for this product alright and he should give
that to you no problem because you’re gonna be doing a product review here
alright and then after that you get the review page what you want to do is set
yourself up a blog all right because you’re gonna write a blog post about the
product called three hundred dollar days and if what you need to do if you don’t
have a WordPress website I recommend Bluehost hosting it’s three dollars and
ninety-five cents per month and it’s a easy one-click wordpress install and you
can also get a free domain here because what you want to do is you want to get
your domain under the name of the name of the product as close as you can $300
day $300 days calm my $300 days dot-com or something like that just create a
unique domain name for your blog okay when you can sign up the Bluehost
hosting I do have the link for that down there in my description just click down
there where it says get cheap Bluehost hosting and it’ll bring you over here
and you can get hosting with Bluehost for 395 now if you don’t want to spend
the 395 a month you don’t want to buy WordPress hosting then the next best
thing is to get free a free blog setup over here with blogger calm you see that
up here in the address bar blogger.com and you can create a free blog here okay
and then get set up and get ready to write your review now what you’re going
to do is when you get your review page from the owner when you contact him and
he gives you that free review page there will be enough information and images on
that page for you to write your blog post about this okay and you’re going to
the blog post will be something about review of your in other words your
heading will be review of $300 day so you’re going to write your blog post and
then on the other if you wanted well if you’re gonna write
it yourself you won’t want to be between 500 and 700 word post about the review
about this product and if you don’t want to write your own blog post you don’t
feel like doing any of the writing or don’t think you can or something what
you do is you can come over to fiverr.com you see that I’ve typed in
blog post right here you see there’s all kinds of people here that will write
blog posts for you I recommend you scroll down you see some of the prices
are a little high here on these but you can find them if you look down through
here there’s one down here I saw earlier right here it says I will create your
amazing blog post or article for just $5 and you see this guy’s got a 5.0 star
rating with about 17 reviews so you want to click on it
check out his information he says I’ll write a short article blog post up to
500 words that should be enough or 700 I think because he’s got a basic and a
standard he’ll go 15 for 25 in a premium three articles around 1,500 words apiece
with in-depth research and keywords on the product as well for 60 dollars but
the basic should be enough up to 500 words and you’ll need to give him the
review page for the product that you got from the owner and also your domain
and/or your wet WordPress or blogger hosting so that they can post that onto
your blog for you if you want or they can just give it back to you in a text
file and you can post it yourself up on your WordPress or blogger blog or
website okay so you can hire a article done for you for pretty cheap five bucks
now if you but then on the other hand once you get your blog post written you
want to get it to rank up in the Google search engines like on the first page of
Google right way you’re going do that as you need to come back to five
where you can use fiber or any other site like conker or even SEO clerks or
whatever but for this example we’re using fiber and you see I’ve typed in
here blog post backlinks and their search engine up here alright and you
get you see there’s a lot of people here that will give you for fairly cheap like
this right here this guy will build over 50 tiered contextual high quality blog
post backlinks the reason you want to get backlinks to your article is because
that gets your article ranked up in Google because the day of the launch
people are going to be looking for reviews which are going to be writing a
review on this product they’re going to be looking for that and you want your
page to come up first on the first page of Google when they search for $300 day
review right you see how that works so you want to get some backlinks spend
another five dollars and get fifty high tiered backlinks to your article and I
don’t recommend doing more than 50 at a time do 50 for a couple of days and a
couple days later come back and buy another 50 for another five and get
about a hundred backlinks to your article which will really rack it up in
Google get you up on that first page of the Google search engine when the launch
happens because people are going to be searching for reviews on that particular
product and you want them to find your review and so that you get sales from
that right now and then so that yeah but you want your backlinks to grow onto
your website slowly over time so about every you know one day fifty and then
wait a couple of days and then order fifty more that’ll get you a hundred
backlinks back to your article for that product review now that’s one way right
there you’re gonna rank your blog post up in Google that’s the first way the
second way is is what you can do is you can come over to Facebook and when you
log in to your Facebook account most people have one if you don’t have one
it’s free to create one what you want to do is you want to click
on create right here and you’re going to create yourself a Facebook page related
around that particular product 300 de dollars a day product review so you’ll
create a page that will help your blog post also rank up because it’s related
to in fact you could even link it to your blog post which will help as a
backlink to and rank it up in Google even higher that way so create your page
around your product that your you know that you chose off among chai
then that’s the second way and then the third way is of course would be YouTube
as you can see I came here to YouTube and I’ve already typed in three hundred
dollar day reviews now mind you this product doesn’t launch until another
week in one day from now right from this day the 23rd of March right now but you
can see there’s already only two other people right now that have done reviews
on this particular product so if you use this product in this example in this
website you can get your review do a little review off of your review page
that the owner gave you to the product and you can do a video review as you can
see there’s two people here that’s done it right now and so you can get in on
this one pretty early right now and get this will also get you sales this way
too and also help you rank your blog post up because you’re gonna link your
blog post into the description on your video that you create on YouTube for
this particular product so you see how this is that’s three ways right there
that’s the third way so it’s three simple ways and this is pretty easy to
be done it’s just you want to start about a week before the launch on any of
those products on much I you can come back and pick any any of these products
about a week out you could even do them two weeks out or whatever and that way
it gives you time to get set up and get your blog post ranked
up into the search engine get your video up on YouTube and get your Facebook page
linked to your blog post with the information on the review on your
Facebook page and that that should get you racked up and this is a way to make
consistent money month over month over a month over month doing this particular
method in fact this particular method is also known as launch jacking already
it’s known as launch jacking this is an easy thing to do anybody can do this and
I recommend it you come over and take action on this today and get set up and
start doing this launch jacking for yourself where you can make money
hand-over-fist each and every month lots of money and
as you grow in it and get become more and more known it will people will be
even people that bought from you in the past will also even buy from you in the
future and you can also set up emails to collect emails with this with your own
landing page as well and market even to your email list when you set up for a
product launch as well alrighty guys well that’s when I had three today
wanted to show you this easy simple method to make Google money on using
what’s commonly called launch jacking all right
well guys if you got some value out of this video reach down there and give me
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marketer all right well guys I’m gonna let you go with that and I’ll see you
again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video all right you guys
take care have a great day now bye bye

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  2. Wonderful video…even of you don't earn in.the first attempt, you really gain a lot of expertise doing this. Thank you.

  3. Another great video Kevin. How did the YouTube Launch Jackers get the pic of the product into their thumbnail? Also, what's the best way to do a video review without appearing on camera? I always wondered how the review videos popped up so quickly after the Launch of an offer. Thanks for the heads up Kevin.

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