10 Kitchen Life Hacks to Stop Waste and Save Money

10 Kitchen Life Hacks to Stop Waste and Save Money

Waste resulting from spoiled food is sad and
unnecessary, these life hacks will help you make the most
of your produce. Got ants in your sugar? A few cloves scattered in will keep your sugar
ant free! To keep paneer fresh for 7 to 8 days, Store it in a bowl submerged in water. Cover and refrigerate. Change this water every day for soft paneer
all week long. When you buy mushrooms remove them from their
container and store them in a paper bag to keep them firm & prevent them from getting
slimy. Bonus tip: You can reuse the plastic tray
to organize your limes. Hate the pesky sprouts on potatoes? If you store apples with potatoes, the ethylene
gas released by them prevents sprouting. The same gas makes fruits ripen faster. Store nuts & dry fruits in the fridge to keep
them firm and fresh for longer. A lemon will release more juice if its rolled
around on the counter for a bit before cutting. If you only need a small squirt of lime poke a hole
and only squeeze what you need Storing a
rice with a neem leaf prevents little bugs from appearing If you’ve bought too much garlic you can
pickle whole some with vinegar in a jar. Use the flavoured vinegar in salads or in
place of lime. Store cleaned leafy greens in bags with paper towels This keeps them fresh for longer. Never refrigerate bread! This actually spoils it faster. Keep bread wrapped in its plastic wrapper,
oil cling film or even foil. Hope these hacks make your food a little bit fresher Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs

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  5. Please show us alternate ways to store instead of plastic wrappers. Many states have already banned plastic.

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