💰 My Best Friend Stole Money But Covered Up For Her Until One Day…

💰 My Best Friend Stole Money But Covered Up For Her Until One Day…

Hi, I’m Stacy Have you ever gotten into a tough situation because of a friend? Once, because of my friend, I got arrested and almost went to jail! It all started in high school. Kristina was a girl I went to school with. She was one of those rich kids, arrogant and conceited. She always made fun of me and Monica and was generally mean to us. Never missed a chance to rub it in that we didn’t belong to the same circle. Once her cell phone was gone missing. Kristina was furious. She accused Monica of stealing her phone. She said she wouldn’t let Monica go home before she got her phone back. I stood up for my friend. I said if she touched Monica, I was gonna call the Principal and the police and they will figure out who the thief was there. A teacher popped in the classroom that moment. She told ut to break it down. Kristina threatened that we’d have another chat again. The phone was never found. A few days later I went to Monica’s home I couldn’t believe my eyes. There on her table was Kristina’s cell. I was shocked. I didn’t think Monica was capable of that. She was mortified. She explained that just wanted to get even with Kristina for her constant bullying. I promised to to tell anyone and thought that maybe Kristina deserved a good lesson. It wouldn’t be just if Monica got in trouble because of her, I thought. Two years later Monica and I graduated and went to college. Everything worked out well, especially for Monica. She found a good job and could afford many things she didn’t have before. I was happy for her and even a little envious. She smiled and didn’t give any details about her new job, We could do stuff now! We went to restaurants and clubs, got designer clothes and just had fun At first I tried to refuse. I felt uncomfortable not paying for myself, but Monica said it was fine and she wants my company We’d spend weekends in Paris or Venice or Rome… I couldn’t have dreamed of this kind of life. One morning, we were gettibg back from a night of partying and suddenly a man called out to us. He accused Monica of stealing a big amount of money from his home and said he’d go to the police. I called him a psycho, but I noticed Monica was scared. She moved away then grabbed my hand and we ran. I was confused, and when we stopped, I asked Monica if he was saying the truth. She confessed she really did steal. She said she did housekeeping work in rich houses and secretly stole money and valuables. She honestly thought she didn’t do anything terrible. THose people had so much, why shouldn’t they share a tiny bit with someone who’s much poorer? I was dumbfounded. I wanted to rage, but then I remembered that I spent this Money together with Monica and loved every minute of it. I had felt that something was off, but was too careless to find out. And now it was too late. We didn’t speakof this any more. To get our minds off all this, MOnica and I went to a fashion show We ran into Kristina at the entrance I was afraid she’d start spewing something nasty again. But she actually was nice and apoligized for being a jerk to us at school and suspecting Monica. It’d been so many years… I pasted a smile on my face and nodded. After all, I knew what had happenned to her phone. I was getting more and more anxious and thought I needed to talk to Monica about all of this. I went to her, but we were interrupted by a speaker. It turned out, some rich lady had lost an expensive bracelet. There were no cameras, so the security asked everyone to leave the premises and display their bags and pockets. There was a crowd at the entrance. I turned to look at Monica in horror, but she turned away. I was at a loss. Not only was she at it again, but because I was afraid she’d get caught. It was our turn to get searched. Monica showed her bag to the security guy. THre was nothing in it. I sighed with relief. I opened my own bag and was frozen. THe security guy took the bracelet out of my bag. I was shocked. I didn’t know how it’d gotten in there. I tried to explain that I don’t know how it got into my bag. I couldn’t have stolen it, I was with Monica all the time. “Tell them!” I asked her. But she turned and moved away like she didn’t know me. I was taken to the police. I was crushed. Why would Monica do this to me. Without even sayign a word in my defense. They tried talking me into confessing the theft there, but I wasn’t going to admit to something I hadn’t done! I was held in custody. I got a lot of time to think on everything. Did Monica steal the bracelet and put it in my bag? I doubted if I should tell the police about this. Monica had set me up. But she’d been a friend for so many years! I didn’t know how long I spent like that. Suddenly a policeman walked in and apologized. He said I was being let out. It turned out, a photofropher who had worked at the event, caught the moment of theft on camera. And the culprit was apprehended. I was told that the true thief is here. I nodded. I had a good guess who’d I see. When we entered the room, there was… Kristina. I was shocked for the thire time that evening. Turned out, Kristina held a grudge ever since that day I stuck up for Monica and decided to get even. The lady was her mom’s friend so it was easy to get close and steal the bracelet. Well, I guess she didn’t change all that much. When I got home I was wrecked. And in the morning Monica called. We met and she acted like nothing happened. Simply asked me how did it go and what was the outcome and whether I wanted to go clubbing in the evening. I got angry. I was arrested and she didn’t even lift a finger to help me out. And now she wanted to be friends like before? Monica shrugged and said she’d apologize if that was important, but she didn’t see what the problem was. And I realized that it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t want to be her friend any longer. I’d always protected Monica and got in trouble over that. And when I needed her support and help, she just stepped aside! Well, I should see it coming. I didn’t approve of what she’d been doing, but did nothing to stop it. THis story put our friendship for a test and we both failed it. Have you ever got into complicated situations because of your friends? share your stories in comments below. Send us your stories, the email’s in the profile and we will make a video for your story! Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that little bell so that you don’t miss the next video. Likes and shares are greatly appreciated! Have a great day.

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  1. Friends! Have you ever gotten into a tough situation because of a friend?
    Your opinion is important to us! 🙏

  2. Hey my name is Nevaeh right now I am nine and in fourth grade but before I was 8 I was 3rd grade so it all started I got in trouble for listening to my friend so let me tell when I was getting for school I saw my friends we talk about stuff so we went in to math class my friend didn’t sit by us so it was gia , melina, Aranza, and me we all psi’s stuff in math than we switch to reading my teacher was ms . gabbidon there was the reading coach I forgot her name but who cares so I just sit down and the reading coach talk about stuff then we had technology that means I ready I along and and use my friend headphone she that you can use my headphones if you listen to music and I freeze 🥶 I didn’t want to get in trouble so I just said yes anyway I used her headphone and listen to music and the teacher found out that my friend was on YouTube I almost panic and the my best friend said I did it too we both couldn’t use the computers for weeks than I tried to tel my teacher she didn’t listen than Aranza and my friend was mad at me for what it was my friend fault now they want blame me ok I got so mad we argued then it stop it was like Aranza was on her side just want me to get in trouble for all this time and this is the end of the story. Guys if a friend tells you they want you to do bad say no pls . Comment down below I will love to red your story thank you bye

  3. I too also had a best friend for years but realize that she wasn't the right person for me because I always did school work first before our friendship but because I was in college and college work was really important to me she never understood it especially when I started and I always never hung out but only because I always choose my studies and I wanted to do better she never got it and when I got into a relationship and it got worse she then try to cause a breakup and I had enough and I told her we were through I deleted her phone number and told her that I never wanted to talk to her again it's been now more than a year since I've last seen her you will have to be prepared for the day that if she does get caught there could be repercussions I'm still expecting the day that I might end up seeing my old friend again but now I don't even call her friend

  4. If your friend doesn't have a conscious about stealing, she's not going to have a conscious about getting your in trouble. Next time pick better friends.

  5. You shouldn’t steal in general. It doesn’t matter if the person is rich or poor, stealing is still stealing.

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