it’s just gonna be a lot of enjoyment and it’s gonna
Catch this season and go talk look at you have to make money at home you have to enter the brokerage house if you have to work with binary options because it is
an income that you make at home and then people on the canal all right with you
a bit of a tricky question these days It’s all right as far as it goes
today is a video so I I’m gonna make it just for the ones who usually
watch my videos anyway whatever subject I’m going to talk about
it was something that I thought and I ended up talking it’s good to make one video
to alert the staff primarily beginner who’s arriving now in this
market there now that we are in quarantine season is not perhaps the
beginners have time to study more nay
is that they can get more hungry more and end up making deposits in the
I’ll say it and I’ll just talk in this video here’s exactly what this is about
make deposit in the pioneer is the tip that I’ll give you this is what I advise you that
is a beginner to do is not to do at truth don’t make deposits we are
going through a very rough time there I don’t know the level of knowledge of
each to try to get real situation of we are passing the
that we’re going to go through is still and any missing money could be missing
nah and what I tell you who are thinking about getting started, wait till you’re in
virtual account no deposits and then you’ll lose the money
regardless of whether you start now with without a 200 500 with a thousand or $2000
no matter how much money you put you will lose the first stall
you’re gonna lose it’s law and potato it’s a fact is you never had if you never put
is your real account to move you you have no idea how your
emotional of how you’re going to look desperate is your emotion will take
account of you and you may lose one money that might be needed here
In a few months there I’ll come today Monday 23rd of March in this environment
in the meantime of the crisis of coronavirus and so I’ve already lost
and suspends a contract with two customers my customers that I serve
of digital makeup mine today was suspended from a large customer because
this is the client he works a manufacturer is he works with graphics and
The nutrients that most serve people are travel agencies and producers event
and today there’s no more service for this one for company parts
you’re practically traveling how you will sell is air tickets is
how will you sell badge persona is customized to make show
to make fair make wind and everything is standing still can’t have agglomerations
and then assistant.ai suspended the contract today to come back in the future and a
medium-sized to large enterprise medium to medium sized company go
pass the problem and how is manufacturer that machine stand still people
employees keep looking at the machines is complicated I don’t know if you
saw the new mp that came out there companies may suspend an employee contract
in up to 4 months I’ll see right through here’s how this is gonna work
the grandmother’s bolts I’ll give more is that I like to keep up to date but day
I don’t want you put money on something that can
two-three months from now and then you can be missed, right?
which is why it’s interesting that you They’re gonna put it in money if you don’t make one
deposit in the bayer with you and then keep the money is waiting money is not staying
blurting is me here already I made clear several videos even out
for those who follow me I’m reformulating the my course there was something planned
so he works in this market too you know what it’s like to make a release me
was designing a launch is what hats a crowd’s curiosity about
a novelty something cool launch a good-for-die content
understood and even this planning my change today is because it is a time that you
at least I’m thinking and what you can spend and what
you can’t miss an anthem in the months to come
has people who infer next will not get unevenly distributed to the virus will get sick
due to depression stress will roll over unemployment will have small business and
medium sized breaking understood saw hard times but we have to
go through them has to be always thinking one step ahead in what
it can happen that the staff is a video more
it’s just a conversation, really. my advice to those who are used to
follow the channel for those who are used to sometimes even pay attention because I
I’ll pass right here in mine only that in my videos is advice that I give
for beginners if you never put the bayer money to operate account
now is not the time for you is always the first stall to
broken regardless of the value tá and a bayer and it’s still that question of boat
this gay martin thing or whether you put a stall there for $1000 and get one
bot and get a bad voice sequence you can lose if I find the bank
Sooner or later you wouldn’t have manage this your stop loss well
stated there and you can turn to breaking and the money
can be missed is what you think of one step ahead of things there is me
I felt compelled to make this video today is not stay is because so I am
seeing that things will stay complicated is not for me because
I have my reservations I have the my other jobs but for whom and
for example if I worked today on day I’d have been doing the job by now
lost 2,500 for those working fall It’s too bad. Imagine not.
I know if you’re that you know him people who have a beauty parlor and not
will have more service practically in that goes the womanized man goes the barber
who’s gonna be in the salon now to do hair shave
and pedicure dental office of bunch of people canceling appointments until
even the professionals are canceling the consultation also because the risk is of
two sides understand so let’s take put your hand on your conscience see if it is
really interesting you who are starting now to make a deposit or
you better hold on and take this wave off pass here that I think will take time
a little bit there is no question of two three months I don’t think it’ll take a
little there for things to sit on the axis orchard here don’t take here don’t want
burn my tongue there but that’s it guys don’t deposit money in the base
military for you who are a beginner in all the first stall is broken with shelf
broken dough and then sometimes you get a buying the r$2000 course
and puts another $1000 or $500 on the bayer and especially now that I know a lot
company the staff will not make it hold employee will need to cut
you will need to suspend contract with the person it’s gonna get a little desperate whoever is
by going in there you’ll want to get money will want to invest in the bar of
thinking it’s gonna sell, I think it will have a lot of personal enjoyment will have
and you’re gonna get this and will speak look you have to win
money at home you have to get into brokerage house if you have to work with
binary options because it is an income that you do at home it’s gonna be sunshine it’s an income
to 95 people 95% of the people who so they don’t make any money for it.
hard you to make money on this market here and there will be a lot of people
by hitting this key for you to work with this now but you won’t lose
money and it was a very important study pass
virtual I know that the emotional will not be the same but try to understand a lot
with the market working I wanted so much to see it happen today is for you to know
that not many people won’t watch that kind of video here that when it’s not
the staff is usually pass is passing a blank is not through these videos
so but I know there are people who will watch mainly beginner who
the feedback appeal that I have leads to that a personal email coming
in the comments I know it usually goes like this follow my videos is this tava
thinking about putting some money in belly now I’ve got this one here some
months ahead if it won’t get you We’re really going to miss it.
from the insured at that time and there and there folks
good luck then let’s get to work I’m seriously thinking about him until
that you left there in the comments is I hasten my creation of this
another channel about internet marketing go get it started here you
can start for free and only you can if you affiliate with such site this here ó
enjoy that you’re home and not need to spend money to get started
I’m sure things on the internet are, but I I want to hear your feedback too
whether I start this or not I’m already so of course it’s gonna get in my way
in this reformulation that I’m doing in consistent inside but I’m really
so oh Not at all dumb, let’s say because I’m
ressive of the staff spending the money and I couldn’t get a return
and end up losing even more is twisting very transparent there with you and
that’s why I’m making a something a well-worked out course I
I want to take the hand to get through street for you to acquire knowledge
all the way there you understood I’ll teach you how to create the site there for you
I’m going to put this method to bed which is giving a legal result that stays
connected the good ones all day long of course you have to have a management for
possible losses too but it’s one thing that I’m dedicating myself nice so that
is a very definite thing that you like you to indicate and aggregate
too much so, but this channel the brand I wanted your feedback
first dead or not riding now is wait I wanted and have household
maybe later I’ll come with a video about after tv of the channel i’m doing
there too I’ll start posting the videos in parallel is something that you
can use that I assemble this internet marketing channel i will talk
more about her I can see you as her works sometimes not even in this one
channel I will also speak because it involves crypton currency involves and as they already speak
about the financial market here ne let’s say I might already be talking more about that
channel’s really looking good, guys, I hope that you have understood the situation
and we’re gonna spend it with a conscience think back to yesterday’s weather
open up the possibilities there of possibilities that may arise
there in the country or you may be happening you must already have someone
person in their social cycle who should be some entrepreneur a mini
entrepreneur if you have a physical point you knows that it is now only trade of
need is market remains open this marcia only needs things
the basics that will stay open for us catch let’s close the deal i hope this
Feedback from you guys tell this one of mine internet marketing channel to help
a video comes out because that thing I go have to devote myself to that other channel
it will also take up more of the training with but I’ll try to make a nice deal
but both channels are very active to do this reformulation that I am
doing and then people let’s fight there we won’t use in bar don’t deposit
beginner’s bar never put the money’s there if the money’s in a go
Missing doesn’t put money there dollar is high you’ll break the
first white is good then that’s it now a big hug to you all goodbye

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