Взлом денег в Need for Speed Heat

Взлом денег в Need for Speed Heat

Hi guys! I’m gonna show you to hack NFS Heat Money (credits) in particular You can spend money to get new cars or upgrade the old ones Usually you have to spend lots of time to farm money But I’ll show you an easy way of getting rich in no time You will need a program called Cheat Engine Preferably the latest version – Cheat Engine 7.0 Download link in the description Download, install & open the program Also open NFS, you can do it in windowed mode So it’s easier to switch between windows As you can see, I have just started playing I have stock car and almost no money In Cheat Engine (CE) press the PC icon And in process list find “NeedForSpeedHeat.exe” Click on it and then press “Open” Go back to the game and jump into any hideout Note: you have to finish some intro missions Before you get access to hideouts Look at the upper right corner of the screen For your current money amount Enter it in the Cheat Engine search bar
(e.g. I have 13250 and enter this amount) And hit “First Scan”
P.S. Sometimes you need to change “Value Type” to “All” CE will find all the addresses with such value But there are too many of them for now, e.g. I have almost 200 of them Go back to your game in order to Change the amount of money The easiest way is to buy an upgrade for you car I will buy Nitrous for 5000 Now go back to CE and Enter your NEW money amount & hit “Next Scan” Now you will get much fewer addresses Choose all of them by hitting Ctrl+A Then press Red Arrow in the middle of the program interface Now choose all the addresses in the bottom part of the program Double-click on them Or hit RMB ->Change Record ->Value Enter your desired amount of money For example, I will simply enter an amount from 9 to 1 Congratulations, now you are the wealthiest racer in the entire League Go purchase all the cars in the autoshow Or build your dream project car If you are lacking reputation to do so – Do not worry!
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  1. Этот метод на лицухе работает временно, то есть если перезайти деньги обнулятся. Поэтому нужно скупить миллионные тачки, потом перезайти в игру и продать их

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